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Agile marketing report 2021 From AgileSherpas

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Agile Sherpas released the “2021 agile marketing report”. The proportion of marketers adopting agile marketing has increased from 41% last year to 51% this year. 59% of marketers who don’t currently use it plan to use it in the next six months.

Those who used agile marketing used agile strategies in multiple marketing functions, such as creative services, content creation and operations (77%), demand and ABM (76%), websites (72%), social media (66%), and portfolio and product marketing (62%). Although more than half of the respondents used Agile Strategy in channel marketing (56%), advertising (54%), customer participation (54%) and activities (52%), fewer people used Agile Strategy in brand management activities (44%).

8% of the respondents said that agile strategy is not a priority of the company, and most of them said that agile strategy is either a priority of one or more functions (42%), or a major initiative of the whole company (26%) or the most important initiative (21%). Other business areas using agile marketing include product development / Management (53%), it (44%) and sales (18%).

What is agile like?

Outstanding agile marketing includes iterative planning (58%), daily marketing (57%), iterative review (45%) and digital Kanban (44%).

The influence of new crown on agile adoption

45% of the respondents said that the new crown pandemic did not affect their agile strategy, but nearly a fifth said that they delayed the plan by a large margin (3%) or slightly (14%). On the other hand, two fifths of respondents reported that the new crown pandemic had a positive impact on their agile strategy.

The 2020 experience is likely to inspire more marketers to adopt agile strategies. 65% of respondents want to enhance their ability to manage changing priorities.

However, there are also challenges in agile marketing, mainly including the lack of relevant training and knowledge (43%), and the lack of suitable talents (29%).

These barriers can be overcome by implementing agile project management tools (55%), adopting consistent practices and processes across teams (43%), obtaining executive sponsorship (32%), and obtaining online and / or in person training (30%).

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