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Aiot intelligent life scene Marketing Research Report From Xiaomi Marketing & Zhongchuan

The following is the Aiot intelligent life scene Marketing Research Report From Xiaomi Marketing & Zhongchuan recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Smart home, research report.

The laboratory research team closely follows the technological innovation and marketing practice of aiot (artificial intelligence + Internet of things) represented by Xiaomi. After extensive industry research and in-depth academic research, the core value and marketing mode of aiot are defined as intelligent life scene marketing. This report is the first research achievement in this field in China.

The report starts with four aspects: the era of aiot intelligent life scene, the marketing value of aiot intelligent life scene, the marketing mode and future prospect of aiot intelligent life scene, and points out that with the revolution of artificial intelligence entering a new stage, artificial intelligence is deeply integrated with industry and society, and the application scene is gradually landing. The era of intelligent life for individuals and families has arrived, and with the development of aiot intelligent hardware and software, aiot intelligent life scene has become more and more popular The explosive growth of product scale, the acceleration of major manufacturers at home and abroad, and the increasing improvement of aiot ecology indicate that the intelligent life scene is accelerating the large-scale implementation.

The report points out that aiot intelligent life scene has three marketing values: the media value of the front end (creating new entrance and new interaction), the enabling value of Technology (opening new platform and new ability), and the overall value of users and business (providing new scene and new opportunity). To understand the marketing mode of intelligent life scene, we can follow the strategy from scene, to scene + and then to ecology + Slightly upgrade path.

Looking forward to the future, the report proposes that by 2025, the number of intelligent Internet of things connections in China will reach 8.01 billion, and aiot will become a new infrastructure for industrial and social development; in the future, the intelligent life scene will be upgraded to active intelligence and intelligent enhancement, AI has the ability of cognitive intelligence, and through the environmental perception of IOT, it will actively provide services suitable for users, so as to realize the enhancement of human intelligence; privacy protection The establishment of consensus and system will become the cornerstone of the healthy development of aiot industry and marketing; in the future, aiot will help Chinese enterprises to develop and upgrade to China’s smart manufacturing and smart brand.

In December 2019, at the MIDC Xiaomi developer conference, the school of advertising of Communication University of China and Xiaomi marketing launch cooperated to establish aiot intelligent marketing laboratory. Based on the release of this research report, in the future, the school of advertising will continue to closely focus on the school’s layout in the direction of intelligent media, unite more scientific and technological enterprises and scientific research institutions, and pay in-depth attention to the media operation and advertising development under the influence of the new technological revolution represented by artificial intelligence and Internet of things and the scientific model of data computing.

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