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In this report, we conducted a detailed study of the relevant data, and analyzed the four application cases of the transformation of the industry to automatic driving travel, including the commercialization of automatic driving travel service, the entry of new players in the software market, which led to the challenge of traditional vehicle enterprises, the increasingly competitive electric vehicle market, and the rise and development of Tesla.

How to change automobile industry: four application cases

The indicators and research results in “subversive data detection of automobile industry” show that the new epidemic has not affected the development of automatic driving travel, which has been confirmed in practice, as shown in the following four cases:

Commercialization of automatic driving travel service

In the past three years, the reasons why consumers accept automatic driving have changed a lot. Waymo, an autonomous driving technology company of alphabet, has launched driverless service in the United States. Whether it can establish and maintain a sustainable business model will be an interesting topic to observe.

The entry of new players in the software market challenges the traditional vehicle enterprises

Well known technology companies are not only involved in the electric vehicle market, but also more and more into the vehicle software market. The new partnership shows that vehicle enterprises encounter bottlenecks and difficulties in building internal software capabilities. Vehicle enterprises must take measures to deal with this risk and maintain profits.

Increasingly competitive electric vehicle market

With the entry of some new players, the dynamics of the electric vehicle market are frequent. As Foxconn has begun to develop autonomous driving technology, the development of MIH open platform marks the entry of a major new industry player. For traditional vehicle companies, especially in the Asian market, how they will respond remains to be seen.

The rise and development of Tesla

Tesla leads in the sales of electric vehicles in the 18 countries surveyed, but traditional vehicle enterprises and Chinese independent brands are catching up, and more and more vehicle enterprises may join the trend led by Tesla.

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