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In 2019, the scale of China’s digital economy will reach 35840.2 billion yuan, accounting for 36.2% of that year’s GDP, while in 2014, the proportion of digital economy in that year’s GDP was only 26.1%. In the context of the development of digital economy, enterprises’ own digital construction and application of data have become the focus of corporate strategy, governance and operation.

According to the survey data of “Jiazi Lightyear” in 2020, 45% of enterprises regard “improving the ability of data management” as the goal of enterprise digital transformation, ranking first among all options.

Out of the concern for data governance, enterprises have gradually raised the requirements for productivity tools and platform capabilities for data storage, data transfer and data analysis. An important product of this trend is the “data middle platform” which was born when Alibaba proposed the strategy of “large medium platform and small front desk” in 2015 Data center has become another new concept of data products after “data platform”, “data Lake” and “data warehouse”.

In addition to Alibaba, Tencent, byte skipping, Ming Lue technology and Hang Seng electronics have also given their own interpretation and definition of data media. Although these interpretations are different, they all emphasize the reuse value of data and analysis technology for front-end business.

In this report, “Jiazi guangnian” think tank studies and sorts out the definition, general situation and enterprise cases of Taiwan in data, and introduces the technical and business advantages of Taiwan enterprises in data center by taking minglue technology and kyligence as examples.

In this report, the specific points in the practice of data center are summarized as follows:

1. On the surface, data middle desk is a technical concept, which is a technical framework connecting the “front desk” and “back office”. It emphasizes the reuse value of data and analysis technology to front-end business; in fact, it is the concept of enterprise management, which emphasizes the formation of practical data assets through data governance business, and breaks through the useless gap between data and business.

2. The application of data middle platform is firstly reflected in the top-level framework and business logic. From the overall strategy, it is gradually implemented to three aspects: data quality management, data asset development and data-driven business.

3. The data quality and business characteristics should be considered in the construction and operation of data center, and the feasibility and necessity of data medium platform should be clarified from the project initiation.

4. Data center providers are also constantly providing new technologies and integration solutions. For example, companies such as Ming Lue technology are using knowledge mapping and other technologies to build their data service capabilities.

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