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Analysis report of K12 online education industry in 2021 From CTR

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01. With the rapid development, there is still room for the market to go up

Internet plus education is an important strategy at the national level.

According to CNNIC’s data, China’s online education industry has accelerated since 2017, and the growth rate of users has increased year by year. This great probability originated in 2017. The State Council explicitly incorporated Internet plus education into the 13th Five-Year plan, and gave a series of support to enterprises from policy, which in essence catalyzed the development of online education. During the epidemic period, the user growth was as high as 63.7%, significantly ahead of other Internet applications.

2018 is an important node for the development of k12 education industry. The Ministry of education has issued a number of relevant policies to rectify the non-standard institutions in the market, which is more conducive for the head players to enter the well ordered development stage.

In the field of online education, K12 online education leads other categories with a utilization rate of 42%, and primary and secondary school users are the largest audience group in the online education industry. However, at present, the penetration rate of K12 online education in the target population is only 17%. With the continuous growth of residents’ education, culture and entertainment expenditure, it is expected that the K12 online education market will still be in a rapid growth stage in the future.

02. The brand gap of online class is gradually widening, and the head camp is gradually clear

CTR observed the trend of monthly active users of brand app, and found that the average number of monthly active users of XRS online school, ape tutoring and zebra AI course were in the leading position in the comprehensive online course of discipline and Enlightenment respectively. From the data point of view, ape tutoring, XRS online school, homework help live class and zebra AI course, which had the largest number of active users, showed different degrees of growth Gradually widening the gap with other brands.

In terms of user conversion rate, XRS online school, ape tutoring and zebra AI course have the same obvious advantages; in the brand of subject online course, XRS online school’s conversion rate of audition course is nearly 60%, which is better than ape tutoring; in the conversion rate of positive price course, ape tutoring is slightly higher; in the brand of enlightenment online course, zebra AI course has better cognitive rate, audition course conversion rate and positive price course conversion rate Competitive products of the same kind.

Whether it is the number of APP active users or the payment conversion rate of brand positive price courses, the gap between brands is gradually widening, resulting in an increasingly obvious gap in the number of users of brand positive price courses. Only four brands of XRS online school, ape tutoring, homework help live class and zebra AI class have broken the million mark, among which XRS online school and ape tutoring have both broken the 3 million mark.

At the same time, the head brand has higher user satisfaction and willingness to continue classes, showing stronger brand stickiness and user loyalty.

Among them, users of XRS online school are most satisfied with the brand, while users of ape tutor are more willing to renew, which is more conducive to consolidating the brand’s market position and forming a head effect to a certain extent.

03. Brand influence is fundamental in terms of product richness and teaching staff. There is still a lack of unique and distinctive online course brand in the market

Different from offline products, which aim to improve academic performance, online course users have more obvious feelings on the improvement of users’ learning enthusiasm and clearer learning ideas, especially among enlightenment online course users, the feeling of “clearer thinking” after class is more common.

From the functional point of view, the online course product’s course playback / download function, in class or after class test and online course adjustment and make-up function are the highlights of online course product; the head brand has more highlights in product function, such as ape tutor’s “answer list”, “electronic handout”, homework help’s live class’s “rolling dialogue bar”, etc., which are welcomed by users.

When users choose brands, they pay more attention to the “richness of courses” of online courses. Before designing products, the brand should make a clearer judgment on the actual learning situation of users, and launch a more targeted and richer curriculum system in the market.

In addition, users are more dependent on brand influence when choosing products, and head brands are more likely to be trusted by users. At present, the head brand has a certain brand influence in the users, but the brand image highlights “strong teachers” and “rich products”, and does not form a prominent brand image highlight in the hearts of users.

04. Industry Trend Outlook

CTR analysis shows that the development trend of online education is as follows:

1. The number of users in the third tier and lower tier cities is huge, and the participation rate of the training market is still far behind that of the first tier and second tier cities. With the maturity of the first tier and second tier cities, more and more users will participate in the sinking market.

2. Educational Omo mode is an educational innovation mode that the country clearly wants to vigorously develop. It can combine the advantages of online and offline education, improve learning efficiency and reduce learning costs, and help online course platform to achieve user sinking to a certain extent. Online integration and offline education will be the main development direction in the future.

3. The biggest difference and advantage between online education and offline education lies in the accumulation of user behavior data and personalized experience. The online education brand started from the Internet knows more about how to make full use of technical advantages to enable teaching and give full play to the advantages of Internet companies.

4. With the continuous maturity of online education, investment institutions prefer large and medium-sized enterprises with a certain scale and high degree of user recognition. High quality resources gradually move towards the head enterprises, leaving less market opportunities for small and new players. “The stronger the stronger” will be the main trend of the future market.

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