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Analysis report on China’s inclusive financial indicators in 2020 From People’s Bank of China

The following is the Analysis report on China’s inclusive financial indicators in 2020 From People’s Bank of China recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Chinese economy, research report.

The development of Inclusive Finance presents the following characteristics:

First, as the basis for obtaining financial services, the per capita ownership of bank settlement accounts and bank cards increased steadily, and the ownership rate of active accounts continued to increase.

Second, it helped to achieve comprehensive poverty alleviation on schedule. The cumulative support of financial targeted poverty alleviation loans exceeded 90 million person times. Farmers’ production and operation loans maintained growth, agricultural insurance continued to grow rapidly, and the popularity of e-payment in rural areas increased rapidly.

Third, credit support for small and micro enterprises continued to increase, the scale of inclusive small and micro loans increased rapidly, the service coverage continued to expand, the proportion of credit loans increased rapidly, the comprehensive financing cost continued to decline, and the application of digital technology continued to deepen.

Fourth, the coverage of bank outlets and agricultural withdrawal service points continued to improve, basic financial services basically achieved full coverage in urban and rural areas, the number of bank outlets per 10000 people remained stable, the intelligent, barrier free and aging transformation of outlets continued to be promoted, and ATM and networking machines and tools operated smoothly.

Fifth, the inclusiveness of the capital market has been continuously enhanced, the issuance of small and micro financial bonds has continued to increase, and the support for agriculture in the new third board and regional equity markets has increased.

Sixth, the number of natural persons, farmers and small and micro business entities with credit files has increased steadily, and the coverage of local credit investigation platforms and market-oriented credit investigation institutions to the “white household” group has been continuously improved. Seventh, the protection of financial consumer rights and interests continued to increase, the channels for financial consumer complaints and consultation became more unblocked, and the quality of financial consumers continued to improve.

The international influence of China’s inclusive finance has steadily increased, and the development of digital Inclusive Finance is at the forefront of the world. According to the International Monetary Fund’s financial availability Survey (FAS) data in 2020, China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) is generally at the upper middle level in terms of physical channel availability (including outlets, ATM machines, etc.). In addition, China has a large-scale agricultural withdrawal service point, and the physical channel availability is generally good; The number of deposit accounts, loan accounts and debit cards per 1000 adults, the number of online and mobile transactions per 1000 adults, the proportion of online and mobile transaction amount in GDP, the proportion of deposit balance of commercial banks in GDP, and the proportion of loan balance of commercial banks of small and medium-sized enterprises in GDP are among the top; At the same time, the IMF’s departmental paper believes that China’s digital payment development is in a leading position, and digital lending is mainly concentrated in China, the United Kingdom, the United States and other places. In 2020, the Boao Forum for Asia Financial Development Report – Inclusive Finance assessed the inclusive financial ecosystem of 27 Asian sample countries, and China ranked in the forefront.

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