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KOL has become one of the important channels for brand launch. The marketing methods of KOL are gradually diversified and the marketing value is becoming more and more prominent. There are a large number of content creators in the field of food, but the food categories in KOL at the head of each platform account for a relatively small proportion, and there is still a large space for development. The development of we media promotes the diversification of food content expression forms, and its characteristics gradually show. KOL explores more breakthroughs based on this.

The marketing value of KOL is not only reflected in its own content, expression and personnel, but also affected by fans’ portraits and interaction. Due to the differences of platform attributes and user preferences, the expression forms and marketing methods of food content of each platform are quite different. When the brand chooses the platform and KOL, the platform marketing tool, brand marketing purpose, KOL fans portrait and interaction are the influencing factors.

Due to the relatively low creation threshold, a large number of content creators flooded into the gourmet drop category, resulting in serious problems such as homogenization of content and lack of creativity. Food KOL is constantly enriching content forms and marketing methods to break the current situation that “the products and brands are concentrated in food and beverage categories”. The upsurge of live e-commerce has also affected the field of food. At present, some KOLs of head food industry have begun to explore their own live delivery mode.

What are the special features of gourmet content that attract attention from many parties? What kind of mysteries can be disassembled from the content playing method and marketing value of gourmet KOL? What are the pain points of the current food hanging category and what marketing direction are you trying? Klau Rui released the 2020 food KOL marketing value analysis report to explore the multi-dimensional marketing value behind the food KOL content.

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