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Analysis report on Q1 social media marketing launch of Chinese cosmetics brands in 2021 From Fruit set data

The following is the Analysis report on Q1 social media marketing launch of Chinese cosmetics brands in 2021 From Fruit set data recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, network marketing, Industry information.

Platform promotion features: micro-blog has become the main channel for promotion, tiktok and jitter are daily growing grass.

From January 2021 to March 2021, it mainly includes three promotional festivals: New Year’s day, Spring Festival without closing, March 8 goddess Festival. From the distribution of content and quantity of the tiktok category, the micro-blog, Xiao Hong and jitter become the main channels for the cosmetics category. Among them, the new year’s day, March 8, Spring Festival is not closed, promotion warm-up period / early promotion, micro blog becomes the main promotion channel; Xiaohong book and jitter platform become daily promotion platform for color makeup category, and the quantity of the tiktok is stable.

Category promotion features:

Tiktok / eye / Makeup / perfume category focuses on micro-blog, Xiao Hong, manicure category, and vibrato ratio 50%

In January 2021 -2021, March, the number of content of the media in the cosmetics category was observed: 1) eye makeup, lip makeup and makeup category: micro-blog and Xiaohong tiktok accounted for the top two of the content, and the proportion of the content of the voice content increased, accounting for about 10%. The proportion of the content of lip makeup Little Red Book increased significantly, and the content of eye makeup and bottom makeup micro blog accounted for about 50%; 2) tiktok: micro-blog, jitter content accounted for the highest number, tiktok accounted for about 85%, and chattering accounted for less than 10%; 3) tiktok category: micro-blog has the highest content content, followed by jitter. 4) manicure category: the highest number of tiktok content, followed by micro-blog and Xiao Hong. 5) perfume category: micro-blog and Xiaohong book account for the highest number of contents.

The following is the full text of the report:

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