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Analysis report on three major beverage categories of tea, plant and coffee in 2021 From Ipsos

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That is, tea market competition is fierce, tradition and innovation go hand in hand

China’s tea culture has a history of thousands of years. The art of making and tasting tea is also well-known in the world. The instant tea beverage is the product of modern times. With the increase of consumers’ health awareness, the market share of sugar free tea has increased significantly. Ipsos research found that tea drinking has been growing rapidly in recent three years, and the market scale is expected to reach 100 billion yuan by 2025. Among them, ready to drink sugar free tea is expected to account for more than 14%.

The consumption group of tea beverage is mainly the post-90s, which is younger than bag tea and original leaf tea. For these consumers, in addition to meeting their basic needs, tea drinking should also transfer topics and emotions from the packaging, design and operation of the products, so as to obtain psychological identification and meet their emotional demands.

That is, tea can be subdivided according to sugar content, processing technology, raw materials and taste. Among them, low sugar, sugar free and sugar substitute tea products are becoming more and more popular, and the market share is growing rapidly. It will become the future development trend of instant tea to create popular online tea, meet the taste psychology, meet the health needs and environmental convenience.

Plant protein drinks keep steady growth

In 2020, the vegetable protein beverage market will develop rapidly, and its sales volume and sales growth will far exceed other beverage categories. The vegetable protein beverage market presents the development characteristics of industry dispersion and brand concentration in subdivided industry. Under the condition of high market concentration of each segment, head brands are facing strong competition.

Generation Z and millennials are aware that dietary choices have an impact on the planet. Therefore, they will choose their lifestyle wisely and make appropriate purchase decisions according to their own environmental protection claims. The concept of health has gradually become the mainstream among the younger generation, which makes more consumers begin to pay attention to plant protein drinks. Young women in high-speed city are the main consumers of plant protein drinks.

At present, consumers’ evaluation of the taste of plant drinks is far less than that of dairy products. Among the plant-based drinks and yogurt products on the market in the Asia Pacific region in 2020, the original flavor products account for 63%. Flavor is the biggest challenge of plant milk products in Asia Pacific region. In addition, plant protein drinks also have new business opportunities in channels, raw materials and scenes.

Ready to drink coffee is growing rapidly, and there is still a large room for market growth

According to the data, from 2017 to 2022, the compound annual growth rate of instant coffee in the world is about 7.5%, ranking first among all beverages. From 2009 to 2013, the compound growth rate of ready to drink coffee in China was 34.2%. It is predicted that China’s ready to drink coffee market will reach 14.9 billion yuan in 2021.

With the increase of consumers’ acceptance and demand for ready to drink coffee, ready to drink coffee has gradually become high-end, and the milk source has been upgraded from milk powder to imported milk powder, or liquid milk, or even raw milk. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different consumers, the functionality of instant coffee is more diversified.

In recent years, domestic manufacturers have tried to drink black coffee. Compared with 2019, the penetration rate of black coffee is the fastest growing, “black coffee” is increasingly popular. Major manufacturers also began to pursue different extraction processes to enhance the flavor of coffee.

At present, China’s ready to drink coffee market is still in the early stage, and the per capita consumption in 2019 is only 0.3 L / A. However, with the further improvement of domestic consumers’ living standards and the upgrading of coffee quality requirements, the market scale of ready to grind coffee and ready to drink coffee will be further expanded, and the market share of instant coffee will be gradually eroded.

In the future, young people will become the main force of coffee consumption. With the introduction of more high-quality instant coffee brands, the acceleration of market cultivation, the increase of young consumer demand, and the penetration into offline cities, China’s instant coffee market is expected to usher in explosive growth in the future.

Ipsos puts forward new directions for product innovation from four aspects: category, quality, function and marketing mode. Brands need to research and develop innovative products across categories to arouse consumers’ curiosity and generate purchasing behavior; Run out of a new segment of the beverage industry and take the lead in occupying a dominant position.

At the same time of innovation, we should also pay attention to the quality of products, update the process, use high-end raw materials and high-value packaging to attract consumers.

With the increasing demand of consumers, not only to meet the taste of products, functionality has become the main concern of consumers. Enhancing the functionality of products has also become its innovation direction.

In terms of marketing mode, the brand should adopt the three-dimensional communication form of online and offline at the same time to reach the target consumers accurately and efficiently. Establish a younger way of communication, from KOL to Koc.

The post-90s and even the post-90s have gradually become the main group of beverage consumers. It is imperative for brands to understand and cater to the characteristics and consumption habits of young groups. Brand innovation across categories, improving product quality and multi-channel three-dimensional communication will become the future direction of beverage product innovation. Ipsos will continue to focus on the beverage industry and consumer trends, and provide valuable marketing and marketing suggestions for brands.

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