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Annual report of content industry in 2021 From New list

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In the past year, the team of creators has grown stronger and stronger, and more experts, stars and even plain people have joined in to produce more deep and vertical content, continuously contribute to the content industry and promote the continuous upgrading of the industry. At the same time, the trend of video and live broadcasting has become increasingly significant, and has become the key words of the content industry.

According to the official account, the number of WeChat public accounts for the 500 tiktok increased by 37% in the end of 2020 compared with the beginning of the year. The number of videos in the million dollar accounts for the month increased by 60%. Not only the output of creators is increasing, but also the number of practitioners is increasing rapidly. Over the past year, the number of new tiktok writers has increased by more than 130 million. B stations are all active UP for the month, and their growth rate has reached 88%.

New creators have gained a lot of attention through their keen observation and recording of life. Among them, there are many cases in which some ordinary people become famous through a single explosive article or a single video World War I.

With the growing maturity of the content industry, new jobs related to content are more and more popular with young people. We can see some clues from the graduates’ career choice tendency.

According to the data released by the university job hunting platform Wutong Guo, anchor, net red and new media operation become the three most popular new occupation of graduates nowadays, all of which are related to content.

What’s more gratifying is that among the new jobs added by the Ministry of human resources and social security last year, all media operators, Internet marketers and other content emerging jobs also ranked among them, further providing professional endorsement for content practitioners.

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