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Annual report of Huawei in 2020

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Digitalization and intellectualization enable the development of digital economy to enter a new stage. Huawei focuses on ICT solutions and intelligent terminals, and is committed to bringing the digital world into everyone, every family and every organization, so as to build an intelligent world of interconnection of all things.

Driving ubiquitous connectivity

Lead 5g, all-optical network, intelligent IP, adn and other future network technology innovation, open cooperation with industry partners to create full scene intelligent connection solutions.

Join hands with global operators to build 5g network with the best experience, cooperate with partners to promote 5gtob ecological development, and make breakthroughs in industry scale application.

Ruralstar Pro innovative solutions have been launched. Since its commercial application, ruralstar series solutions have provided Internet services to more than 50 million people in remote areas of more than 60 countries and regions.

In the field of Pan IOT, we have deepened cooperation with more than 600 mainstream home appliance brands around Huawei hilink platform, covering more than 3000 products and accumulating more than 50 million users.

Enable the omnipotent intelligence

Launched one-stop AI development platform modelarts 3.0, released the industry’s first full life cycle knowledge computing solution, and accelerated the implementation of industry AI.

Open Kunpeng full stack capability and shengteng full stack basic software and hardware platform to enable partners and developers to accelerate innovation and use AI capability efficiently.

In the field of smart car solutions, we have cooperated with partners to help car companies build good cars, and more than 30 intelligent components will be listed one after another.

Promote personalized experience

With harmonyos and HMS as the core driving and service capabilities, around the five life scenes of smart office, sports health, smart home, smart travel and audio-visual entertainment, the whole scene smart ecology is further improved to bring transformative smart life experience to consumers.

With the launch of HMS core 5.0, Huawei’s software and hardware system capabilities and cloud capabilities are fully open to developers around the world. HMS ecosystem has become the third largest mobile application ecosystem in the world, integrating more than 120000 HMS core applications around the world, and more than 2.3 million registered developers around the world.

Harmonic OS is fully upgraded to version 2.0, realizing open source for 128kb-128mb terminal devices, providing an innovative platform for mobile phone developers and application manufacturers.

Building digital platform

As the world’s fastest-growing mainstream cloud service provider, Huawei cloud has launched more than 220 cloud services and 210 solutions, developed more than 19000 partners and 1.6 million developers, and launched more than 4000 applications in the cloud market; launched the global anti epidemic action, and joined hands with partners and scientific research institutions to provide Huawei cloud AI auxiliary diagnosis and other services for various regions, overcoming the difficulties.

This paper proposes an open technology reference architecture “agent” based on cloud and with AI as the core, and cooperates with partners in more than 600 scenarios to help the government and enterprises upgrade their intelligence.

More than 700 cities and 253 Fortune 500 enterprises in the world have chosen Huawei as the partner of digital transformation, and Huawei has more than 30000 enterprise market partners.

Creating social value

Social value refers to the sum of value and contribution made by enterprises on the basis of business practice activities in order to meet the needs of stakeholders. We believe that the development mode of enterprises pursuing “commercial value” alone is unsustainable. Enterprises need to consider creating social value in business activities, and they can also obtain new business opportunities in the process of realizing social value, so as to achieve the balance between commercial value and social value.

While creating business value for customers, Huawei also attaches great importance to the demands of stakeholders, and works hand in hand with the government, regulatory agencies, industry partners, industry and academic organizations to achieve the balance between enterprise operation and economic, social and environmental goals and promote sustainable development.

Promoting economic development and employment

Huawei always adheres to the strategy of globalization and localization. It employs local employees, invests in procurement and establishes research institutions in the countries and regions where it operates to promote local employment and economic development.

In November 2020, the Oxford Institute of economics released the report on Huawei’s economic influence in Europe, which pointed out that in 2019, Huawei’s business activities in Europe created 16.4 billion euros in economic benefits, supported 224300 jobs and 6.6 billion euros in taxes

In France, Huawei started to build a wireless product manufacturing plant, and plans to invest 200 million euros to create 500 direct jobs

Promote economic and social benefits

Information and communication technology not only directly creates social wealth, but also has a huge driving effect. ICT technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, finance, transportation and other fields, which improves the labor productivity of enterprises and society as a whole, and also brings good social benefits.

In mines, 5g can achieve enterprise safety in production, improve the working environment of employees, and improve production efficiency, “so that coal miners can wear suits and ties to work.”

In the steel-making workshop, 5g remote control enables workers to get rid of noisy and high-temperature working environment, and improves efficiency, “turning the sauna into an air-conditioned room.”

Promote the development of local industrial clusters and small and medium-sized enterprises

Huawei adheres to open cooperation and innovation, prospers the industrial ecology, provides an open platform for local partners, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual developers, and promotes the development of ICT Industrial Clusters and digital economy in various countries.

Promote open innovation, industrial upgrading and ecological prosperity

Huawei actively integrates into various industries and academic organizations to explore industrial problems, promote basic research, standard setting and industrial cooperation, increase open source innovation in the field of basic software, and continue to contribute to the mainstream open source community.

Contribute open source projects to the industry, including openharmony, openeuler, opengauss, openlookeng, mindspree, etc

In more than 600 standard organizations, industry alliances, open source communities and academic organizations around the world, he has held more than 400 important positions and submitted more than 65000 standard proposals

Promoting the sustainable development of society

Huawei supports the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and continues to contribute to the improvement of digital skills, green environmental protection, science and technology anti epidemic, etc.

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