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Annual report on mother and child in 2020 From Huge amount of calculation

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According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, after 2016, the neonatal birth rate continued to decline, but as of 2019, the neonatal birth rate continued to decline, with a decrease of 0.46 ‰ compared with 2018 and 1.95 ‰ compared with 2017. The birth rate entered the decline channel, and the maternal and infant market turned from blue ocean to red ocean.

In the increasingly fierce competition, the growth rate of online channels and low tier cities is prominent, and the mother and child groups also show new concerns. The huge engine launched the tiktok boom annual report of the big engine 2020 mother and baby. Based on the massive data of the huge engine platform, we excavated the jitter, the baby’s content and data performance of the headlines today, and explored the breakthroughs in the red sea of the mother and infant industry, in order to help the brand and content creators achieve breakthroughs.

Increase in maternal and child investment and consumption upgrading

With the steady growth of the scale of mother and child groups, the income level and consumption level of the new generation of Baoma and baopa continue to improve. Accordingly, the scale of the mother and child market continues to expand, especially the demand for high-quality mother and child products will rise rapidly.

On average, the monthly cost of raising children in a mother child family accounts for nearly 30% of the family’s monthly income. The average parenting expenses of mother and child families are more than 5000 yuan. The proportion of parenting expenses in the income of low, middle and high-income families is decreasing, and the expenses of middle and low-income families are basically the same. With the increase of children’s age, the proportion of “raising” and “raising” expenses tends to be the same.

The rise of low tier cities

Compared with May 19 and may 2020, the high-speed line market is declining rapidly, the sales share of key cities, class a cities and class B cities are showing negative growth, while the low-speed line sinking market is booming, and the proportion of sales of C / D cities and towns is expanding rapidly, becoming a new growth point of the maternal and infant market.

The trend of e-commerce in maternal and infant market

In the new normal economy, the online channel of maternal and infant consumer goods plays an important role. In the special period of 2020, the online trend of the whole industry will be accelerated, and the growth rate of online channels of maternal and infant consumer goods will also be accelerated. By April to may 2020, the growth rate will reach 26.5%; the growth rate of online integrated e-commerce will reach 26%, and the share will expand to 31.2%.

Online channels have undertaken 150 billion + sales of maternal and infant consumer goods, with rapid growth in four categories. Children’s clothing, children’s shoes, toys / educational aids, maternal and infant care have become the four fastest growing categories of e-commerce.

Education runs through the whole process

In addition, in the pregnancy stage, the attention is more comprehensive, “complementary food” and “postpartum recovery” play higher, in the infant stage, “complementary food” and “nursery rhyme” play higher, in the parent-child stage, “nursery rhyme” and “early education” play higher The quantity is higher. As a whole, it shows the characteristics consistent with its stage.

6, 8, 9 seconds to achieve conversion

The attraction of video content to users is usually reflected by the viewing time. The longer the video viewing time is, the more users interact, enter the account details page and pay attention to the account. Specifically, for video of mother tiktok, users watched more than 6 seconds of video, interaction rose rapidly, 8 seconds to enter the number of details page quickly increased, 9 seconds to play, the number of access to account details page increased rapidly.

The growth point of supply and demand deviation

Passive content (play / read) / active content (search) represents the matching of supply and demand of the content. The vibrato terminal has the highest supply of tiktok toys and the strongest head effect, and the highest demand for complementary food and children’s clothing. In the headlines, the supply of complementary food is the highest, while children’s clothing and milk powder have higher demand. For advertisers whose supply and demand deviate from each other, resource investment can quickly enhance brand exposure.

Early childhood education is the most concerned

In 2020, among the videos containing all kinds of keywords of mother and baby, kindergarten, early childhood education, children’s songs and other educational and entertainment videos have the highest broadcast volume and search volume. At the same time, the search volume of videos containing Lego is also higher, and the demand for educational and entertainment content of mother and baby users is also rising.

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