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Annual review of retail in 2020 From Ipsos

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first quarter

Covid-19 obliterates in the foreseeable future

After five quarters of deterioration in the health of retail industry and GDP growth of 1 . four % After the mild promotion of the market economy, we are entering 2020, and there are many things to look forward to. The decisive result of last December’s general election, the brexit agreement “ready” and the record level of employment of just under 33 million, all of which, taken together, have brought clear political and economic certainty to the world and renewed hope for a better future. But it’s all in covid – They all disappeared after the outbreak.

Second quarter

The health of the retail industry is at a record low, but pent up demand provides a lifeline for retailers

Retailers are worried that covid-19 will wipe out any hope of improving the health of the retail industry in the foreseeable future. Ipsos forecasts that the retail index will further drop by 9 percentage points in the second quarter due to the serious impact of the continued blockade of non essential stores.

Third quarter

The health of the retail sector has recovered, but the approach to Christmas will paint a different picture

It is understood that the health of the industry in the third quarter was stronger than RTT expected. From the second quarter to the third quarter, the RHI (retail health index) rose six points to 67%, recovering more than half of the losses during the blockade.

Fourth quarter

Retail health continued to recover, but at a moderate rate

As predicted, the retail health index rose another 1 percentage point to 68% in the fourth quarter, down 6 percentage points from the beginning of the year. The increase was due to increased demand, especially after the lifting of the blockade restrictions in October, for food throughout the quarter, especially for premium food and drinks during the festival, as some consumers were determined to enjoy their Christmas food without “eating out” and normal family gatherings.

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