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Annual sales benchmark report 2021 From Seismic

The following is the Annual sales benchmark report 2021 From Seismic recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, network marketing.

Seismic released the “2021 annual sales benchmark report”, which identifies the organizational environment, time and supporting technologies most relevant to business success.

1. Successful companies focus on pre-sale plans

97% of successful companies reported using sales support to find potential customers, compared with 41% of laggards.

Successful companies use sales support throughout the customer life cycle, including new customers (88%), buyback (80%) and post purchase (75%).

2. Sales support is a business driver

The vast majority of visionary enterprises are full of confidence in sales support. The senior leadership thinks that sales support is a strategic business (93%), and sales support is a strategic business driver (90%). Sales support is supported by the company’s top leadership.

3. Best sales support customer facing role

There are some differences between visionary enterprises and backward enterprises in how to help customers through sales support. Visionary respondents said that the proportion of support between sales (76%) and marketing (67%) roles and customer service (47%) was relatively balanced.

The laggards indicated that the main role of sales support was marketing (76%), while the sales role was somewhat lagged behind (56%).

4. A complete technical system is very important

About 70% of the far sighted respondents said they have a complete set of technology system.

5. Use data to track sales support efficiency

About 94% of the winners not only use data to track sales support efficiency, but also have high confidence in the data. However, only 28% of the laggards have confidence in the data used to track and evaluate sales support efficiency.

6. Visionary people have insight into the development of science and technology

91% of the successful enterprises know how and when the specific content is used in individual transactions, but only 61% of the laggards say so.

7. Visionaries expect more sales support functions in the future

Visionary companies expect more features to be included in sales support in the next 2-3 years, including AI / machine learning (97% visionary and 52% laggard), budget quota management (92% visionary and 61% laggard), RFI and RFP Management (90% visionary and 61% laggard).

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