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GP bullhound released the third quarter of 2020 Asian market trend report. Overall, activity increased, thanks to large investment deals and more US / European technology investment in Asia.

Overseas investment in China’s science and technology plummeted month on month

▪ Due to the global economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic and the continuing trade tensions with the United States, Chinese investors are becoming more and more cautious about overseas investment.

▪ In the third quarter, Chinese investors’ trading volume decreased by 43% compared with the previous quarter, while the trading value increased by 5%, indicating that Chinese investors are becoming more selective.

▪ Geopolitical conflicts have begun to affect China’s overseas investment. Trading volume with India fell 50% from the previous quarter, while trading volume with the US fell 27%.

▪ However, Tencent is still active in overseas investment, with a total of eight transactions and a strong preference for digital media assets.

In the third quarter, Asian investors’ investment activities in Europe / US increased slightly compared with the second quarter, but M & A activities continued to decline

▪ The number of transactions increased by 3% and the value increased by 195% over the previous quarter. During the pandemic, M & A activity continued to decline, reaching a record low since the first quarter of 2018.

▪ In terms of industry, European financial technology and software were favored by Asian investors in the third quarter, while American software industry dominated the preference of Asian investors.

▪ In the current situation, since the formulation of transcontinental transactions requires more resources than usual, M & A will be more friendly to local buyers in Europe and the United States.

European and American investors’ interest in Asian technology continues to grow

▪ In the third quarter, European investors completed 54 transactions in Asia, invested more than US $1.5 billion, and continued to be optimistic about 23 transactions in Southeast Asia.

▪ U.S. investors are loyal followers of India, with $6.4 billion invested in 60 deals, including several high-profile deals of Jiao platform (Google’s $4.5 billion), byju (Silver Lake led $500 million) and zomato (tiger global LED $160 million).

▪ In terms of sectors, European and American investors prefer Asian financial technology, software and markets, while the United States prefers software.

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