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Important results:

Nearly half (45%) of Chinese enterprises expect their business models to undergo “fundamental” or “significant” changes in the next year

China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia accelerated the digital transformation plan of over 70% (73%)

More than 60% (63%) of Chinese enterprises are optimistic about the business prospects after 2021

Nearly 40% (39%) of Chinese enterprises have been identified as “future oriented” enterprises (FRB), which are well prepared for future success

China’s business is expected to continue to face interference and transformation as COVID-19 will continue to affect the business environment in 2021, according to Vodafone’s latest business research. In the next 12 months, nearly half (45%) of Chinese enterprises expect to make “fundamental” or “significant” changes to their business models, and 44% of them expect such fundamental changes to be difficult to implement. Despite the above challenges, Chinese enterprises remain optimistic, with more than 60% of them (63%) saying they are “full of expectations” for the business prospects after 2021.

In today’s Vodafone business for the future enterprise report – Asia Pacific region, this paper interprets the views of the entire Asia Pacific region on business in the post epidemic era, and summarizes the characteristics of the most “future oriented” enterprises in the Asia Pacific region. Overall, the report points out that 39% of China’s enterprises are “future oriented” and are fully prepared for future success. This kind of “future oriented” enterprises have six common characteristics, namely:

Embrace change

Facing technology with an open mind

Take clear steps to transform your business

Develop a detailed business strategy

Keep pace with relevant trends and master uncertainties


Science and technology to meet future challenges

Technology has become an important means for all enterprises in the Asia Pacific region to cope with the follow-up challenges in 2021. Enterprises in the Asia Pacific region have stepped up transformation efforts to cope with the epidemic. This phenomenon shows that in order to ensure business success in the post epidemic economy, enterprises are changing their way of thinking:

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is accelerating the transformation of digital business in the Asia Pacific region by more than 70% (73%).

This is more obvious among Chinese enterprises “facing the future”, with 86% of them having taken action.

The measures taken by “future oriented” Chinese enterprises to accelerate digital transformation include: increasing support from senior management (60%), and taking actions to tap potential and increase efficiency / open up new sources of income (51%).

Guo Xiuxian, senior vice president of North Asia of Vodafone group, said: “in this era of blockade and keeping social distance, driving people to connect with others through technology has become a more core factor for enterprises to succeed. The perseverance, positive and never give up spirit of Chinese enterprises enables them to stand out no matter what future they face. “

Focus on transformation and seek long-term development

In 2021, “future oriented” Chinese enterprises have witnessed the positive results of business transformation in the post epidemic era. This benefit is not only limited to epidemic related outcomes, but also has the potential to drive business success in the long term, such as:

Increase innovation / R & D (58%)

Strengthen network security (54%)

Improve communication / cooperation among employees (45%)

Guo Xiuxian added: “future oriented enterprises have taken action and gained something. In the global economic downturn, some enterprises even go against the trend to increase profits. This report provides a clear roadmap to help other companies in the Asia Pacific region improve their capabilities and focus on priorities in a responsible manner (such as developing detailed strategies, taking clear business transformation steps, and improving adaptability) to succeed in the post epidemic economy. “

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