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The popularity of the novel coronavirus pneumonia has completely overturned our view of the way business operates and the interaction between marketers and audiences. The use of virtual sales channels and other digital transformation strategies has accelerated significantly.

All these changes force marketing to transform rapidly without any strategy or standard operating procedures.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia report of GroupM provides a guide for how new crown pneumonia has changed the four main industries (automobile, CPG and electronic communications, telecommunications and financial services) and entertainment industry. These industries have undergone significant changes, so we have to change our view of them as sources of inventory.

Here are some important findings of the report:

The auto industry has rebounded from a 40% to 45% decline in April to the current level of flat or better, in part because automakers already sell cars directly online.

There has been a significant shift in the way CpG manufacturers sell their products, with e-commerce channel retail sales of food and beverage and health and personal care companies growing by 277% in the second quarter of 2020.

The Internet usage of Telecom consumers is growing exponentially. The response of telecom companies is to provide faster and more powerful broadband services to support work or school at home, as well as the growth of streaming media services to meet the needs of telemedicine, e-commerce and contact tracking systems.

The financial services sector performed well during the pandemic, thanks to liquidity from central banks around the world, as well as new government backed loan schemes and stimulus payments to consumers.

The growth of entertainment industry, especially streaming media services, is largely due to the fact that the expenditure of streaming media services on packaged content is growing much faster than that of existing companies.

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