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Global analyst conference has During 2020, Huawei released the “white paper on automatic driving network solutions” to the world, systematically describing the future network architecture, operation and maintenance architecture and its key technologies. Through the three-layer AI capability collaboration of network element, network and cloud, Huawei can make the network become extremely simple and ultra wide, and the operation and maintenance will move towards human-computer collaboration, providing practical reference for operators and industrial partners in digital transformation.

Lu Hongju, President of Huawei’s public development department, said: “the next ten years will be a golden decade for the vigorous development of the intelligent era. The new technologies represented by 5g, cloud and AI will give the core kinetic energy for the upgrading of connected intelligence. Huawei calls on colleagues in the industry to explore the practice together, create an autonomous network with automatic, self-healing and self optimization through data and knowledge driven, and seize the new opportunities given by the digital economy. “

According to the white paper, there are two major changes needed to be made to build an autopilot network:

First, from the fragmented network building mode of “network element as the center” to the “business centered” building block type network building mode. The integration of “management control analysis” realizes single domain autonomy and real-time closed-loop, balancing the cost and speed of intra domain innovation and inter domain collaboration;

Secondly, the industry will work together to define the target architecture and programmable API standards for cross domain open collaboration, greatly simplify the complexity of cross domain business collaboration and support, reduce the cost and risk of research and operation, simplify the integration of agile commerce, and reduce the collaboration cost of the whole industry.

At the same time, the white paper proposes to take L4 (highly automated driving network) as the phased goal of the future architecture, which should have the following four characteristics: 1. Digitalization of network knowledge and expert knowledge, from passive manual operation and maintenance to predictive intelligent operation and maintenance; 2. Network infrastructure with minimal architecture, and network elements moving towards intelligence; 3. Hierarchical single domain autonomy and cross domain collaboration, Fourth, the unified cloud AI training, knowledge management and operation and maintenance design platform supports the iterative evolution of telecom network.

The white paper calls on the industry to achieve the grand goal of automatic driving network, which requires all parties in the industry to reach a consensus and jointly formulate unified standards and grading evaluation system in accordance with the way of developing generation, research generation and exploration generation, so as to form an efficient and collaborative industrial ecology, and jointly promote the intelligent upgrading and healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

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