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The new coronavirus epidemic shows that sudden and serious events, whether it is a pandemic, food borne diseases, bad weather, geopolitical situation or changes in international trade policy, may bring devastating blow to the operation of enterprises. Executives are not unfamiliar with these threats, so they are constantly trying to improve the operational flexibility of various functional areas of the enterprise.

Modern enterprise operation must ensure that it can respond flexibly and keep interconnection with enterprise ecosystem and workflow. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve end-to-end enterprise visibility, obtain real-time insight and take decisive action – especially in the situation of continuous escalation of crisis. Those enterprises with the help of intelligent automation to build these capabilities can easily cope with the current problems, such as staff unable to be in place, supply chain shutdown and customer service interruption, and achieve vigorous development after the market recovers in the future.

After decades of development, automation can be seen in most industries, whether in factory workshops, bank outlets or refineries. And intelligent automation has reached a new height. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation into “intelligent automation” has changed the mode of human-computer interaction, including the way of data analysis, decision-making, and the execution of tasks and activities in workflow or system (see “Insight: the way of automation evolution” on page 3). In addition to helping to save costs, intelligent automation can greatly enhance the enterprise’s response and adaptability, and promote the vigorous development of enterprises in the challenging market.

Companies with strong automation programs combine a wide range of technologies such as robots, chat robots and devices with AI capabilities such as machine learning, natural language processing, enhanced intelligence, and computer vision and hearing. By combining a variety of appropriate technologies to deal with current tasks, not only the efficiency of intelligent chemical workflow is improved, but also the revenue and profit are increased.

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