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Benefits of Russia’s deployment of 5g From GSMA

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GSMA released a new report, “the benefits of Russia deploying 5g.”. By 2025, 5g will account for nearly 20% of Russia’s connectivity. However, a new GSMA study found that if the government adopted international security guidelines for radio spectrum, deployment would be faster and cheaper.

The government of the Russian Federation is launching its “digital economy plan” to create a digital ecosystem and make full use of the potential of the Internet of things. 5g will become the backbone of the infrastructure with its faster mobile broadband speed.

However, there are two obstacles that may hinder the deployment of 5g: government approval procedures and rules for the placement and operation of transmitting radio facilities. The latter, coupled with the radiation limitation of radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF), may increase the operating cost tenfold.

In March 2020, the International Commission on non ionizing radiation protection updated the international safety guidelines for all frequencies used in mobile services. The guidelines consider 20 years of additional health research and find that no one (including children) using a mobile phone or living near a base station has a defined health risk.

The cowid-19 pandemic demonstrates the importance of high-speed connectivity in supporting the Russian economy, especially in education, health care and manufacturing. Poland, Lithuania and other countries adopted the latest international security guidelines this year. If leaders reform now, Russia will have a key opportunity to stimulate growth.

Considering the importance of 5g network for economic and social development, the deployment of 5g network is crucial for the future competitiveness of the Russian Federation. Early adopters of 5g and related technologies may stimulate a virtuous circle, because high-level adoption of 5g can attract developers and allow innovative services and solutions.

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