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Beta — the rising B2B decision maker From GWI Report

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GWI and Lingying jointly released a new report “beta: the rising B2B decision maker”. GWI defines such a group of people as beta: the line between life and work is blurred; they believe that formal structure will be replaced by personal development opportunities; with the development of work style, their flexibility in mastering technology will give them an advantage. They will use activism in their work and use it as a filter to judge employers, colleagues, customers and suppliers. These people are the first digital natives to hold senior positions in the business field. They use cloud based services and assistance tools. They are a group of young B2B buyers.

Globally, beta makes up the majority of the final decision makers of hardware and software, accounting for 75% and 72% respectively. They influence key corporate buying decisions. The data also show the main impact of beta on the buying process: 57% of beta worldwide said they were a key influence in identifying new business needs, while 47% of respondents were responsible for approving purchases. Interestingly, in this global study, beta between the ages of 31 and 40 showed more obvious attitudes than the young group between the ages of 21 and 30, indicating that the influence of beta in B2B will increase with more working years.

Main insights:

Beta is important because they are the ultimate decision makers and represent the professional growth of Millennials. Historically, this group has driven broader changes in consumer behavior and may have a similar impact on B2B.

Beta is affected by subversion and decline, and evolution is the core of them. For many professionals, the explosive growth of technology in the early 21st century is the turning point of their career, but for beta, this is the starting point. After the coronavirus pandemic, beta played a leading role in decision-making for the first time.

Technology will determine this moment, and beta has unique leadership. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the drive for virtual work, highlighting the huge gap between current technological capabilities and buyers’ demands for connectivity and flexibility. Beta can accomplish the task flexibility, ease of use and social responsibility will be the driving factors of its decision-making.

The future is beta, not only in decision-making power, but also in behavior.

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