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Big consumer and retail enterprises win the new crown From Deloitte Consulting

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The Spring Festival has passed, and a new chapter has been opened

The epidemic situation is still developing. The “epidemic” of the national war promotes the rapid growth of the “housing economy” and pushes China’s already leading online service capacity to a new peak.

Whether it’s the experience of watching the screen to buy vegetables in the early morning, or the intimate innovation of “contactless logistics”, or the active and mutual help of the community group and owners group on wechat, or the people who never go to the supermarket to buy vegetables in peacetime are fully armed to make a large number of offline purchases… Products, channels, services and experiences are iterating day by day and hour by hour. These are the stress reactions in the face of the epidemic, but this battle, which is expected to last for several months, will also change the daily habits, consumption patterns and thinking modes of Chinese consumers.

The change of COVID-19 is affecting everyone’s heart. Now, the beginning of the resumption of work, but the opening of distance office and distance education mode, the postponed opening and on-site office date have completely disrupted the consumption rhythm of the original post holidays, and the consumption and retail industry still faces challenges.

In such a special environment, consumer retail enterprises can consider the following three issues:

1: Do we have accurate cognition and sufficient observation on the changes of consumers’ terminal needs and scenarios?

2: Have we started to make short-term, medium-term and long-term arrangements for enterprise resources and capabilities?

3: Do we have enough preparation to seize the potential growth opportunities after the epidemic reaches the inflection point, and even realize the transcendental development and corner overtaking?

A day in the memory of a typical consumer

Consumers use some mature o2o services to help them get a higher quality and more convenient life. The mobile terminal has gradually become an assistant for consumers to quickly switch between online and offline scenarios

A typical consumer’s day in reality

Consumers have begun to rely on and adapt to the mobile o2o contactless service to take care of the vast majority of tasks in life and work, and the use time of consumers’ online office and online education platform has been forced to rise sharply

Research and judgment of three types of industry trends

Transformation and upgrading to standard configuration, scene service innovation busy

No one can stay out of the current epidemic. The impact of the new crown campaign on the daily life of our consumers is reflected in all aspects and all the time, especially in the food and beverage, shoes and clothing, beauty, retail and education industries. Deloitte judges that such related industries will present three types of States after the epidemic situation is basically stable

Food and beverage industry

Food and beverage enterprises can grasp the pain points, increase the production and R & D of prefabricated dishes, convenience food and other products, rapidly improve the operation ability of e-commerce, and occupy the minds of consumers with precision marketing

Footwear industry

There are many difficulties in off-line sales in spring. We should skillfully use off-line pressure and inventory clearance to transform them into favorable conditions to promote on-line development, and wait for the market to boost after the end of the epidemic

Beauty industry

The short-term demand side is restrained, the brand needs to adjust the marketing content and product mix in time, and accumulate loyal users and valuable consumer data through the rare online shopping window

Retail industry

Retail enterprises should break through the resistance and speed up the omni channel layout; At the same time, from the perspective of consumers, reflect and optimize the design of shopping process, improve the consumer shopping experience

Education industry

How to transform the new traffic, build o2o and promote regional expansion will become the focus of the next stage

Suggestions for enterprises to deal with

Everything is for a better start!


Under COVID-19, everyday life of every ordinary consumer still needs to continue.

Many customers of consumer goods and retail enterprises have already played an important role in the new crown battle!

It is hoped that more large consumer and retail enterprises still in a state of stress will make full use of this opportunity in time to improve scene thinking, attach importance to multi period combat readiness, and skillfully cross the trough.

wish      Spring comes, disease goes, mountains and rivers are safe, people are healthy!

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