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Blue Book of China’s urban digital economy index in 2021 From Xinhua 3

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From construction to operation: let smart city flourish

The “fourteenth five year plan” requires unswervingly Building Digital China and accelerating digital development, and puts forward the goals of promoting the construction of new smart city by classification, improving urban information model platform and operation management service platform, building urban data resource system, and promoting the construction of urban digital brain. Chen Ziyun, senior vice president of Xinhua Group 3 and executive president of Ziguang cloud and intelligent business group, said that the core goal of urban digital development is to better serve people, meet people, and create a growth soil for easy creation and industry. Ziguang group and Xinhua Group will take the original strategy of cloud intelligence as the guide, go hand in hand with the industry, take intelligence as the dream of the city and people as the foundation of the city, create a new situation of urban digital transformation, and build a digital China.

In the rapid innovation and Application Layout of the new smart city, Ziguang cloud and the intelligent business group rely on the strength of Xinhua Group 3 with complete categories and original factory delivery, the operation mode of hand-in-hand cooperation, marriage and birth, and the technology of module generation and integration growth, which can realize one network for the same use of infrastructure, one network for the whole intelligent governance, and one network for the convenience of the people and enterprises, They are the people who serve urban life, producers and administrators. Especially in the transformation of smart city from construction to operation, Ziguang cloud and intelligent business group will realize the construction and operation of smart city through the joint venture mode of Xinhua 3 and Ziguang cloud with the government, and will be committed to giving full play to the advantages of local science and technology companies, enabling the transformation and upgrading of the city from the aspects of unified foundation, application promotion and operation.

To respond to changes with Wanhua: to build urban digital solution based on people

Nowadays, as the value of data flow continues to show and penetrate, digitization is promoting the realization of online, transparent, refined, integrated and virtualized City, accelerating the transformation of the city towards “customized city for everyone”. Zhang Peng, vice president of Xinhua Group 3 and chief architect of Ziguang cloud and smart city of intelligent business group, pointed out that the current construction of smart city, first of all, needs to share the stock and put an end to starting a new stove; second, it needs to cultivate increment, not to engage in closed system; third, it needs to revitalize resources, not to do data binding; finally, it needs to pay attention to promotion and use, not to engage in simple stacking, so as to build a prosperous industry Smart city with clear situation, accurate decision-making, solid responsibility and excellent service constantly leads the transformation and transformation of the city.

In the “growing” smart city, we need the soil of unity and individuality, and we also need to care and grow together with city partners. Wisdom is the dream of the city, governance is the foundation of the city, number is the wing of the city, and man is the foundation of the city. Facing the pain points and difficulties of urban digital transformation, Xinhua Group 3 chooses Wanhua to cope with the changes, faces the difficulties of urban digital directly, creates the urban digital solution based on people, pursues the dream with urban operating system, builds the foundation of good governance with urban digital intelligence, and expands its wings with urban data bank.

Based on the three networks, the urban operating system builds three core libraries and N business libraries on the physically integrated Ziguang cloud 3.0, and generates the intelligent chain data bank with the blockchain as the core, which supports the deployment and operation of the urban digital brain, and can realize the optimal governance, benefit the people, Xingye, and management through three terminals, one intelligent cockpit, and four centers for enterprises, citizens, and administrators The goal of intellectual governance.

Based on the global innovation in the construction and operation of smart city, Xinhua Sanneng realizes global intelligence and digitalization based on intelligent perception, data perception and public sentiment perception, empowers urban system governance, comprehensive governance, legal governance and source governance, and realizes digitalization of affairs, intellectualization of management, electronization of governance and mobility of management.

City data bank will help city managers to distinguish “number” right, ensure “number” safety, promote “number” use, realize “number” financing, activate “number” price, and provide strong data support for urban governance and industrial development in the new period of “the fourteenth five year plan”.

Blue Book of China’s urban digital economy index   Insight into new opportunities of digital economy development

As a new way of resource allocation, digital economy is one of the most important and promising breakthroughs for the current urban sustainable development. At the urban digital summit, the third Xinhua Group released the “Blue Book of China’s urban digital economy index (2021)” again, explaining the current situation and future trend of urban digital development from four aspects: the overall situation, economic recovery, governance innovation, and district and county development. Blue book research shows that the current digital economy is booming, and the number of new first tier cities in the digital economy has increased by more than 60%. A series of new business forms and new models provide new momentum for economic growth, and data elements have greatly promoted the upgrading of urban modernization governance capacity. In addition, the development of digital villages, high-tech zones, economic development zones and other districts and counties has also achieved initial results, which has become an important engine leading the high-quality development of China’s social economy.

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