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Blue ocean and trend of beauty consumption From Great women’s power

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Ali mother and tmall treasure new brand jointly released m insight “great women’s power: Beauty consumption blue ocean and trend track”. Combined with the potential demand of consumers for beauty and the supply of beauty market goods, it forecasts the trend track of beauty blue ocean, seizes the opportunities of new categories in the beauty industry, and especially provides direction for new brands in the beauty industry.

Looking for new demand behind the new consumer makeup scene, consumers are expected to achieve significant skin care and safety, such as emulsions with water and hyaluronic acid, and even hand pulled noodle with double chin and masseter muscles. The trend of skin care in cosmetics is obvious. New herbal foundation, Polygonum multiflorum eyebrow pencil, hyaluronic acid CC cream and so on, pursue beauty and skin care. Especially in the past two years, the ulzzang trend has been out of the circle, and the sweet and fresh makeup and collocation influenced by the Korean style are deeply loved by the student party and young girls. The new supersedes the old. For example, some salicylic acid, fruit acid and almond acid essence help to accelerate the metabolism of the stratum corneum. At the same time, in the fast pace of life, the pursuit of more efficient skin care way of light make-up, light make-up feeling of plain face is more popular with the young people of generation Z.

Under the influence of new ideas, the creation of new species of beauty products has been started, especially to find “inspiration” in food. Food is used in beauty products with mild ingredients to bring consumers a sense of security. For example, astaxanthin foundation solution, tremella mask, caffeine water bar and so on. Furthermore, the use of “super food makeup” containing fruits and vegetables containing antioxidant ingredients, such as avocado eye makeup, Brazil BERRY Body Milk and sea buckthorn fruit mask, will help improve skin health. Another brand-new beauty concept “waterless beauty” wave has been set off. Beauty products without any added water ingredients are sweeping the whole industry, which are considered as pure effective ingredients and can avoid adding preservatives. In particular, in the past two years, the beauty industry’s attention to consumer demand has extended to lifestyle and value recognition. The “vegetarian beauty” created for vegetarians has met the product demand of this group of people who refuse to use animal elements. It uses natural plant organic ingredients instead, and gradually comes out of the circle. The new supersedes the old. The skin care products use microbiological technology to extract the beneficial microbes from the skin, deeply participate in the metabolism of the human body, strengthen the skin functions, such as lactic acid bacteria mask, or use electrolytes to help skin replenish moisture. At the same time, in the aesthetic trend, Y2K style is rising again, through the expression of the contradiction between human and science and technology, to interpret the spirit and life state of people under the rapid development of science and technology in the future. Y2K refers to the year of the millennium, which represents people’s imagination of the future science and technology. Today, 20 years later, it has a sense of retro science fiction. It is popular among students and young people for its high saturation color matching, electro-optic metal feeling, fantasy elements and so on.

New science and technology influence the beauty, and constantly extend in technological innovation and aesthetic exploration.

In the new experience of beauty, we seek to create “strangeness” in familiar beauty categories to stimulate consumers’ freshness and desire for experience. For example, the texture of bubbles is added to the experience of cosmetic products, such as bubble foundation and bubble powder, which increase the freshness of consumers; especially the coloured eye shadow and the shiny visual sense of light are loved by beautiful girls. Special touch on the touch of smoothie, body milk, water dispersion powder, heat mask and temperature lip balm, especially loved to try new brands, the new brand to capture keen consumer preferences.

Women’s power is the charm of women’s pursuit of independence. It is the identification and self-confidence of self femininity. Women’s power comes from self cognition, understanding what they want, making active choices and stimulating creativity. It is not only the beauty industry, but also the opportunity for new brands to be aware of women’s consumption needs, understand beauty trend categories, and find the blue ocean and trend track of beauty consumption.

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