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Recently, business intelligence (BI) white paper 2.0 (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) jointly compiled by fansoft Data Application Research Institute, CIO era college and new infrastructure Innovation Research Institute was solemnly released. Mr. Chen Yan, CEO of fanruan, and Ms. Liu Jing, COO of CIO era, jointly participated in the unveiling ceremony of the white paper. Under the witness of thousands of CIOs, the white paper on business intelligence 2.0 was officially released.

Today, worldwide, business intelligence applications have undergone tremendous changes. Enterprise business intelligence has been transformed from report level and department level applications to enterprise level comprehensive intelligent business decision-making platform, which is committed to data-driven business insight and driving business growth, improving management level, production efficiency and customer experience.

Through a comprehensive survey of more than 300 enterprise CIOs, CTOs, CTOs, heads of data management or it leaders with the same responsibilities, the white paper deeply understands the current situation and challenges of BI application in enterprises such as CIO group’s application of Bi, value demands, technical requirements and main reference factors, and understands CIO group’s future demand for Bi and how to view Bi Development trend and suggestions. Through the analysis of the survey data, we have a deep insight into the current situation and development trend of Bi, and put forward professional suggestions based on this, so as to help enterprises promote decision-making improvement and promote enterprise digital transformation.

This white paper is a new version after business intelligence (BI) white paper 1.0. It makes a more in-depth analysis and Discussion on the application of Bi from the perspective of CIO. On the basis of version 1.0, this white paper divides the content into three parts: concept, trend and application. Centering on these three chapters, this white paper focuses on domestic enterprises’ understanding of Bi Based on the market environment and enterprise demand research in China, this paper analyzes and defines the concept of Bi, analyzes the market, product direction, functional technology and other trends of the whole Bi industry, and summarizes the effective BI application experience based on the Bi landing practice of a large number of users.

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