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CDP business value white paper From Change of Martech paradigm

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It is an indisputable fact that this year’s epidemic has affected the reduction of marketing expenses of many enterprises, but the investment of policy makers in marketing technology has been growing. Especially when the focus of enterprise operation gradually changes from increment to both increment and stock, AI for marketing, CDP and other marketing technologies related to refined consumer operation and improving consumer experience will gradually become a popular choice for enterprise marketing digitization.

In order to more systematically explore the important value of CDP in the process of enterprise marketing digitization, today, nequal enyike released the “white paper of Martech paradigm change – CDP business value” (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) on the spot of jintoushang. In the white paper, nequal enyike, through interviews with representative enterprises in different industries on the implementation and experience of CDP, from a longer cycle and dynamic perspective, deeply excavates the changes in the background, form and value of CDP, and carefully disassembles the actual cognitive misunderstanding, operation process and key points, evaluation standards and development trend.

The white paper is not only an official guide for the construction of CDP, but also a systematic guidance for the digitalization of enterprise marketing at any stage. More importantly, in the critical historical period of CDP development in the industry, nequal enyike combined professional and systematic theory with verified practical experience to eliminate the industry noise, eliminate the false and retain the true, and effectively lead the digital transformation process of the industry.

CDP business value highlights: the core entrance and cornerstone of digital marketing

Since last year, CDP has been heating up in China. As an imported product from the west, there has been a lack of a unified definition of CDP in China, leading to different understanding of CDP by enterprises. However, although there are different opinions, the core lies in the acquisition, management and application of the whole life cycle behavior data of private domain traffic consumers, and bringing business growth by optimizing the management of consumer experience.

As a digital platform for enterprise marketing, CDP is particularly prominent in helping enterprises connect inside and outside, assisting decision-making and improving efficiency. Through the value promotion of consumers’ whole life cycle, it will eventually bring new collaborative growth of product efficiency for enterprises. CDP has become the core entrance and cornerstone of enterprise marketing digitization and overall digitization.

In the case of the enterprise served by nequal enyike, the enterprise often faces the problem of internal data island and external data separation of the Internet giant’s wall garden. Through CDP, the enterprise can create a unique identity super ID for consumers, apply the data to the business demand scenario of the enterprise, and support the continuous development and iteration of new applications; Secondly, CDP has a more intuitive management and insight of the whole life cycle of consumers through labels and super ID. on this basis, it mines the trend of consumer demand, and puts forward corresponding marketing decisions and solutions to assist marketing decisions; At the same time, the attribution analysis of CDP can accurately judge the efficiency of each consumer contact, continuously optimize and iterate the path and feed back the system, stimulate the value of private data, and continuously improve the marketing efficiency.

In short, as a digital tool with consumers as the core, the business value of CDP is driven by the application scenarios for consumer operation. Especially when marketing gradually returns to the essence of consumer center, from public domain operation to public domain and private domain operation, the importance and value of CDP to enterprise marketing digitization are constantly highlighted.

The key to CDP: choosing CDP suppliers

Although the development of CDP is in full swing both at home and abroad, compared with foreign countries, the construction and development of CDP in China are still in the initial stage of exploration, the data application is relatively backward, and many enterprises are still in the stage of education. The key step to solve this situation is to select excellent CDP suppliers according to their own needs, make demonstration for the industry through practice, constantly shorten and accelerate the primary stage of CDP development, and jointly promote the digital process of the industry.

According to the interview of leading enterprises in various industries in the white paper, these enterprises have already applied different digital tools to the actual business scenarios. They have clear and systematic plans for the actual use cases, expectations and evaluation system of CDP of enterprises. According to the actual cooperation between enterprises and nepqual enyike and other CDP leading suppliers, The white paper summarizes the most important measurement dimensions of CDP supplier selection

The first is product technology capability, which is the most core and basic capability of suppliers. It is mainly reflected in breaking through the data island, building super ID system, building 360 degree portrait of consumers, integrated operation and management of consumers, and data security capability;

The second is the implementation experience. Because CDP has not been developed for a long time in China, it is the most intuitive proof to verify the supplier’s ability to have proven industry service experience and large-scale implementation cases; What is most easily ignored by enterprises is the service ability of suppliers. This capability covers the whole process product and service capabilities from early enterprise consulting, CDP planning, to building, agent operation and finally based on industry know-how. In practical application, suppliers need to help enterprises better apply and continuously optimize CDP based on advanced product technology and mature industry experience, so as to continuously generate actual business value.

After choosing CDP suppliers, enterprises are not at ease. CDP is a process of continuous development and iteration, and requires continuous updating of data and technology, as well as continuous iteration and verification of products. Therefore, the white paper also specially emphasizes that “enterprises need more than a CDP   It is a platform that can integrate and support the digital needs of enterprises, carry the internal data connectivity, simplify the complexity, and take the enterprise marketing digitization and overall digitization as the highest KPI   And demand as the core of the product system. ” Through in-depth data mining and application, the ultimate goal of the enterprise is to achieve sustained positive business growth and promote the overall digital transformation.

CDP development: long term investment centered on consumer experience

Although enterprises are well aware of the urgency and significance of digital marketing reform, for different industries and enterprises, the degree of digital marketing is totally different. In the white paper, there are not many enterprises that have been in the forefront of digital marketing. In fact, more enterprises have no clue, and many enterprises are backward in information technology construction; Or the organizational structure is complex, and it is difficult to promote a single department; Or not complete data governance and so on, these are the technical or organizational problems in front of enterprise CDP. Therefore, nequal enyike thinks that the focus of CDP development at this stage should be how to make enterprises use CDP more conveniently and quickly, and make CDP more popular.

Based on this, nequal enyike also launched a new generation of CDP platform Zeus version at this conference. Like all digital tools, the development of enterprise business and the change of technology are also promoting the dynamic development of CDP. One of its manifestations is that the boundaries between digital tools are constantly expanding and blurring. This will also lead to repeated purchase, complicated management, scattered data, incoherent use scenarios and other thorny problems. Zeus version of CDP through the dual stack technology, Lego style set up, the first solution is the challenge;

Secondly, the operation and management of consumer experience will become the norm of enterprise services. Based on the data strategy of people and goods yard connection, Zeus version CDP creates the super ID map of people and goods yard. With the help of AI algorithm, it analyzes the relationship links of consumers from more dimensions, and more comprehensively supports the online + offline integrated Omo marketing scenario Improve the efficiency of marketing automation and private domain traffic customer efficiency, realize more efficient intelligent recommendation and improve the consumer experience and other digital marketing effect and operation mechanism;

Third, CDP is not only a problem of product technology. The later the development, the stronger the impact of organizational structure, process change and other management methods on marketing digital change. Based on the data integration inside and outside the enterprise, Zeus CDP can intelligently link the KPI of each department, present the important data of each department in the system. From the perspective of the enterprise as a whole, combined with AI algorithm, the data application of enterprise group can be applied with a higher degree of intelligence, rather than for a single brand. From a longer-term point of view to solve the digital challenges to the overall organization and management of enterprises.

The process of marketing digitization is not achieved overnight. From a longer-term perspective, enterprises need to focus on consumer experience management for long-term sustainable attention and investment. Through the incremental innovation system, all resources of enterprises can be transformed into the business innovation ability of enterprises, so as to obtain more long-term business value, This is also the ultimate answer that nequal enyike system delivers to the industry and enterprises through the white paper and goes through the cycle in an uncertain era.

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