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CEO Research Report in 2021 From IBM

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Whether the impact of COVID-19 epidemic is gradually dissipating or persisting, 2020 is doomed to be a major turning point. The whole world has never changed its behavior patterns in such a consistent way, Jointly Implementing blockade, isolation and forcing social distance. Both enterprises and governments have been severely impacted, and the vision and planning for the future have been completely changed. From Asia to America, both within and between industries have experienced a reshuffle. The future is full of unprecedented uncertainty – both new opportunities and new risks.

In order to better understand the impact and significance of this important moment, IBM} business value Institute (IBV) launched the most extensive CEO research project in history. Based on nearly 20 # years of top management research experience, IBV has widely collected the insights of more than 3000 # CEOs and senior executives of public institutions in various economic fields around the world. At the same time, we cooperated with Oxford Economic Research Institute, the leading organization of global prediction and quantitative analysis, and used their profound professional knowledge as a useful supplement to this survey. In addition, IBV # carefully selected more than 20 CEOs and conducted a wide-ranging exclusive interview to deeply understand the thinking patterns, themes and major challenges that have troubled these senior leaders.

We have found some surprising results, which not only reflect the unprecedented changes in the new era, but also reveal many new priorities and new areas of concern. Whether it is the increasingly popular remote work or the accelerating pace of technology adoption, it shows that the mainstream practice in the past is far from the needs in the future.

In the context of the new era, the core question we face is: what is indispensable for customers, employees, communities and investors? During the interview, almost all CEOs stressed the need to focus on the most prominent advantages of the enterprise, highlight their own differentiation characteristics and create the greatest value, which is the overriding priority of the enterprise.

Beyond turbulence and chaos, the idea is becoming clear: avoid derailment and refuse laissez faire; Break the tradition and forge ahead; Give play to advantages and pursue unremittingly. This applies not only to external products and services, but also to internal products and services. Who is critical to the organization? What elements are essential to business operations?

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