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Since 2017, the new marketing project has been carried out for four years. Two white paper reports have been published in succession. This year, we will meet you with the new marketing 3.0 version. With the economic and social development entering the new normal, what marketing is facing is not the adjustment of single proposition of communication or transformation, but the superimposed impact of multiple core changes. New logic and mode naturally become the exploration direction. It is more necessary to return to the perspective of consumers and think about how to establish a lasting and long-term relationship with consumers, from a single “buying and selling” to a long-term “symbiosis” Period service, full cycle mining value, realize closed-loop operation.

On the basis of “new marketing theory in the second half of the Internet” in 2017 and “Research on marketing integration reform and trend exploration” in 2018, the research team visited consumers, business owners, sales directors, brand communication directors, online and offline channels, agencies, data service agencies, community leaders, opinion leaders, experts and scholars More than ten cities in the second and third tier cities have analyzed nearly 100 cases at home and abroad, sorted out and judged the industry pain points and solutions. It took ten months to complete the exploratory research of new marketing 2020: changes and trends.

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