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A novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak swept across the globe in the early 2020.

In the past few months, the epidemic has profoundly changed the trajectory and habits of people’s daily life, made many industries fall into cyclical confusion, and also brought transformative vitality to many industries, such as Internet health care.

After more than 20 years of development, the internet medical industry ushered in a golden stage of development

Since the birth of Internet medicine in China, it has a history of more than 20 years. It has gone through many stages of development, such as embryonic stage, rising stage, fanatical stage, cold stage, turning stage and so on.

The new covid-19 outbreak has further highlighted the advantages of Internet healthcare. The Health Council has launched two articles to promote the accelerated application of Internet healthcare in social life. From the laboratory to the clinical front line, from pathogen detection, epidemic tracing, rapid screening to vaccine research and development, from online consultation and telemedicine to Internet hospital, Internet medicine breaks the time, space and geographical restrictions and becomes the pioneer of “war epidemic” of science and technology. Driven by the catalysis of the epidemic and the favorable policies, the flow of medical platforms increased rapidly in the short term, and the industry ushered in a new stage of development.

Market demand, policy support and technological progress jointly promote the development of internet medical industry

At present, the problem of aging population in our country is aggravating, the trend of low age of chronic disease patients is emerging, and the medical demand is breaking out on a large scale. However, on the supply side, China’s high-quality medical resources are insufficient and unevenly distributed, which is difficult to meet the differentiated medical needs of all levels. The long-standing contradiction between medical supply and demand needs a new technology or way to solve the dilemma. Improving the structure of medical supply and demand, broadening the boundaries of medical services, and improving the efficiency of medical services have become the internal market demands to promote the development of internet medical services.

Since 2018, China’s Internet medical management system has gradually become clear and standardized, and internet medical treatment management measures and internet medical insurance payment policies have been introduced one after another. The intensive release of favorable policies is expected to become a booster for the development of the internet medical industry and further open up the growth space of the industry.

The accumulation of big data and the progress of deep learning algorithm enable artificial intelligence to play a role in the medical field, and apply in many scenes, such as medical imaging, auxiliary diagnosis, drug research and development, health management, disease risk prediction, hospital management, etc. Driven by technological progress, internet medical is expected to enter a new stage of intelligent development.

What are the new changes and trends of Internet medicine in the post epidemic era?

With the gradual control of the epidemic situation in China, the resumption of production and work in various places has been carried out in an orderly manner, and the domestic economy has gradually recovered. What are the new changes and trends of Internet medicine in the post epidemic era? How to understand the internal logic of internet medical development?

To this end, 36 krypton Research Institute based on the industry development fundamentals, combined with the latest development and application trend of Internet medicine under the epidemic situation, conducted in-depth research on the five major sub fields of “medical service, medical circulation, medical insurance, health management, and technology upgrading” under the internet medical ecology, analyzed the different development stages and characteristics of each field, and sorted out the diversified application methods In order to describe the new trend of the development of internet medical industry in 2020.

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