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China Mobile 5g industry private network technology white paper

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In order to speed up the response to the national 5g new infrastructure policy, practice the responsibility of central enterprises, and further promote the development of information industry, China Mobile held a series of activities of “innovation 2020 cloud science and Technology Week” from June 17 to 21 with the theme of “win-win, cooperation, opening, innovation”.

At the 5g industry private network theme forum yesterday morning, Zhang Hao, deputy director of the Institute of network and it technology of China Mobile Communication Research Institute, shared the technical research achievements of China Mobile in 5g industry virtual private network, and released the “China Mobile 5g industry private network technology white paper” on the spot.

Take the edge with the network, promote the cloud with the edge, and unify the operation entrance of the network edge

According to Zhang Hao, 5g SA innovates from multiple dimensions of architecture, technology and service, which can better meet the needs of diversified scenarios of vertical industries. “We all say that” 5g changes society. “We think that only 5g SA can better empower thousands of industries.”

The demand of industry communication gives birth to 5g industry private network. The so-called “5g industry virtual private network” is a 5g communication service that operators can customize the service scope, network capacity and isolation degree for industry customers based on the authorized spectrum. Following the government enterprise planning, China Mobile divides the industry networking mode into three levels: premium, exclusive and exclusive, so as to fully meet the application needs of the industry, realize the network to move with the industry and build the network on demand.

Zhang Hao introduced that in the wireless layer of China Mobile 5g industry virtual private network, the principle is that the industry private network and the large network share the base station, but in some special scenarios, the demand of the industry private network can be met by the way of dedicated base station and dedicated frequency band; in the transmission layer, the core principle is that the equipment is shared and the resources are isolated on demand; in the core network layer, China Mobile SA main network is oriented to to B and to This is the first time that China Mobile has planned two networks to meet the needs of Tob and TOC respectively in the initial stage of scale network construction, which is sufficient to prove China Mobile’s determination in 5g enabling vertical industry.

The development of 5g industry virtual private network involves many technologies, including slicing, edge computing, cloud network collaboration, cloud edge collaboration and external services. These key technologies need to be developed in collaboration with 5g. The specific development idea of China Mobile is to take the network as the edge, promote the cloud by the edge, and unify the network side operation entrance.

Explore the demand of 5g industry private network and promote the maturity of related industries

Zhang Hao pointed out that the first requirement for network capability of 5g industry private network is end-to-end slicing. Facing the initial commercial use of network slicing in 2020, China Mobile has opened up seven major processes based on wireless and core network, including cross manufacturer ordering + opening + billing + scheduling / configuration + Management + registration + conversation. In the process of scheduling / configuration, the core network realizes automatic scheduling and manual office data configuration, and the wireless network realizes automatic switching At the same time, a small number of terminals support multi slice concurrency.

The second is edge computing and network side cloud collaboration. In order to meet the business needs of industry customers for edge computing scenarios, 5g private network should have corresponding capabilities in data non presence, low latency, public-private network collaboration, cloud network collaboration, etc.

Finally, capacity opening and external service. 5g industry private network has the general basic capabilities of network communication, slicing and edge computing, which can meet the needs of differentiated application scenarios of industry virtual private network through opening to the outside world, and can provide online one-stop order management and self-service for industry customers through the private network capability opening platform.

According to Zhang Hao, China Mobile will complete the end-to-end specification of 5g industry private network and the test specification of industry virtual private network in the second quarter of this year, complete the scale test of 5gc core network in the third quarter, and initially have the ability of N4 different manufacturers. In the fourth quarter, China Mobile will strive to have commercial ability in network slicing, edge computing, 5g capacity opening and other aspects.

In this process, China Mobile will strengthen the testing of relevant equipment with relevant manufacturers, strengthen the interconnection, and promote the maturity of the whole industry.

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