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Promote the revolution of energy consumption and curb unreasonable energy consumption. We should adhere to the principle of giving priority to energy conservation, improve the management of total energy consumption, strengthen the control of energy consumption intensity, and put energy conservation throughout the whole process and all fields of economic and social development. Firmly adjust the industrial structure, attach great importance to urbanization and energy conservation, and promote the formation of a green low-carbon transportation system. In the whole society, we should advocate the consumption concept of diligence and thrift, cultivate the production and life style of saving energy and using green energy, and accelerate the formation of an energy-saving society.

Promote the revolution of energy supply and establish a diversified supply system. Adhere to the green development orientation, vigorously promote the clean and efficient use of fossil energy, give priority to the development of renewable energy, develop nuclear power in a safe and orderly manner, and accelerate the increase of the proportion of non fossil energy in energy supply. Efforts should be made to enhance oil and gas exploration and development, and increase oil and gas reserves and production. We will promote the construction of the coal, electricity, oil and gas production, supply, storage and marketing system, improve the energy transmission network and storage facilities, improve the energy storage, transportation and peak shaving emergency system, and continuously improve the quality and safety guarantee ability of energy supply.

Promote energy technology revolution and drive industrial upgrading. We should build a green energy driven technology innovation system and comprehensively improve the level of energy equipment development. We will strengthen basic research in the field of energy, as well as innovation in generic and disruptive technologies, and strengthen original and integrated innovation. Efforts should be made to promote the integration and innovation of digital, big data, artificial intelligence technology and clean and efficient energy development and utilization technology, vigorously develop smart energy technology, and cultivate energy technology and its related industries as new growth points to drive industrial upgrading.

Promote the energy system revolution and open up the fast lane of energy development. We will unswervingly push forward market-oriented reform in the energy sector, restore the attributes of energy commodities, and form a unified, open, and orderly competitive energy market. Promote the reform of energy prices and form a mechanism in which energy prices are mainly determined by the market. We will improve the energy legal system, innovate the scientific management mode of energy, promote the reform of “deregulation, management and service”, strengthen planning and policy guidance, and improve the industry regulatory system.

We will strengthen international cooperation in an all-round way to achieve energy security under open conditions. We should adhere to the principle of equality, mutual benefit, and win-win development. We will promote the one belt, one road, energy and green sustainable development and promote the interconnection of energy infrastructure. We should actively participate in global energy governance, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in the field of energy, smooth international energy trade, facilitate energy investment, jointly build a new pattern of international energy cooperation, and maintain the stability and common security of the global energy market.

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