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China’s Internet platform set sail From Turning crisis into opportunity after epidemic

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Accenture released its latest insight “Turning Crisis into opportunity after epidemic: the new launch of China’s Internet platform”. The sudden emergence of COVID-19 in 2020 not only brought great impact to the service industry, retail industry and tourism industry, but also began to spread across the globe and brought negative impacts on the macroeconomic environment. But for Internet companies, this epidemic is not only a “crisis”, but also an “opportunity”, especially in accelerating the transformation of life and production to online, digital and intelligent. The epidemic will not only promote the innovation and upgrading of consumer Internet (B2C), but also promote the outbreak of industrial Internet (2B / 2G).

At the same time, the exponential growth of competition, innovation and operation pressure forces Internet enterprises to upgrade from user insight, business innovation, strategic choice, M & A integration, customer experience, data security to intelligent operation. Nowadays, Internet companies under the epidemic situation should not only attack decisively, but also work hard to consolidate the foundation of growth with the help of “five steps and ten moves”.

Impact, upgrade, explosion? What is the impact on your enterprise?

Under the situation of epidemic prevention and control, the offline scenes of many industries are seriously impacted. From the two dimensions of demand change and scene characteristics, the impact of the epidemic on Internet companies in different industries varies from impact to detonation, from flame to ocean.

Impact: highly dependent on offline scene segmentation, market demand has decreased significantly.

Upgrade: the scene of online and offline integration is forced to transform and upgrade. One is replaced by online. The other is “the number of people arriving at the store decreases and the number of people arriving at home increases”.

Outbreak: rigid demand is forced to be online, and manual operation is turned to unmanned and intelligent, which brings the dividend of consumer Internet and industrial Internet.

Life and death, attack and defense, robbery and killing – which bureau is your enterprise trapped in?

Is cash the king and stick to business? Or strategic adjustment and rebirth?

Is the attack and defense Bureau user oriented and point attack? Or to innovate and reshape the business?

Is the Bureau of looting and killing the layout of looting and killing, the only way out? Or is food and grass the first step?

Seize the user’s bonus and consolidate the foundation of growth

In the face of the unique situation brought by the epidemic, how to “break the situation” tests the wisdom of many Internet enterprise CEOs. Accenture’s suggestion is that we must stand on the height of “social value” and think comprehensively from the multidimensional perspectives of government, users, shareholders and employees.

From the perspective of the government and employees, Internet enterprises should actively fulfill their social responsibilities, ensure the employment of employees, and use the technology platform to help the government and people solve the epidemic prevention problems.

From the perspective of users and shareholders, Internet enterprises must also control the epidemic, turn “crisis” into “opportunity”, constantly innovate and improve user experience, provide users with high-quality products and services, detonate user dividends and become “growth hackers” on this basis, so as to accelerate the standardization and realize “platform transformation” Only in this way can we effectively break the situation under the “crisis” and “opportunity” of the epidemic situation and lay a foundation for the Evergreen Foundation of the enterprise.

Immediate action: five steps and ten moves

Two tactics of acquisition: attack decisively and get customers quickly

Actively innovate products and quickly compete for new users.

Decisively adjust business strategy to meet new demands.

Two ways of growth: Merger and integration, expanding scale

Timely merger and integration to consolidate the head position.

Optimize the operation of “users, partners, commercialization” and accelerate the scale.

Two ways of retention: upgrade experience and escort safety

Upgrade B2C user journey and promote B2B mode transformation.

Strengthen platform trust, protect user privacy and information security.

Two ways to link: open platform and create ecology together

Build an open platform and explore service-oriented mode.

Join hands with partners to create solutions.

Two ways of operation: integration of resources and intelligent operation

We should build a system of China and Taiwan, build capacity and integrate resources.

Implementation of intelligent operation, human-computer cooperation, improve efficiency.

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