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The following is the China’s new economy venture capital analysis report 2020-2021 From It orange recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Venture capital, Investment & Economy, new economy, research report.

The year 2020 is full of surprises and thrills.

Serious polarization of entrepreneurship——

The leading companies of hot racetracks such as medical, chip, high-end manufacturing and online education have taken away most of the money from the capital market. From the newly established big angel to the high PE multiple of the secondary market, many companies have achieved their high light moment. On the other hand, the companies affected by the epidemic are struggling to survive. They are accompanied by salary cuts, layoffs, business thunderstorms and dishonesty enforcement.

Two days of venture capital——

The top head institutions have over raised funds, accumulated a large amount of investable funds, and made large investments. The long tail institutions, especially the angel institutions, have difficulty in raising funds, have no money to invest, and have difficulty in withdrawing projects. In the mature stage, investment is hot, the number of single projects exceeding 100 million and 1 billion has increased significantly, while the proportion of early investment has been shrinking and declining, and the financing of start-ups is difficult.

We should be in awe of all the dangers, difficulties and the light in the cracks of 2020.

Today, it orange, a new economy venture capital data service provider, released the “2020-2021 China new economy venture capital analysis report”. Based on the detailed data collection of it oranges and in-depth industry insight of analysts, the report covers multi-dimensional data analysis and interpretation of entrepreneurship, fund-raising, investment and exit in China’s new economic decade 2020, and forecasts the situation of venture capital in 2021.

This is the data analysis report of venture capital produced by it orange team for the eighth year in a row. We are committed to truly recording and profoundly restoring the pattern of venture capital of China’s new economy industry (especially Internet TMT) with data. We hope to go through the ups and downs together with the entrepreneurs and investors in the front line, and go together for a long time.

The report was released with the strategic support of Huaxing capital and Tencent technology, as well as the full support of many professional media of Internet technology venture capital and head organizations with active primary market.

The exclusive English partner of the report is panda Yoo, a Chinese brand guide for overseas consumers, and the exclusive Japanese partner is speed China, an enterprise and industry information platform focusing on Asia. At the same time, readers can see relevant data news reports in financial times and other media.

If you want to get the full report, you can contact us by leaving us the comment. If you think the information here might be helpful to others, please actively share it. If you want others to see your attitude towards this report, please actively comment and discuss it. Please stay tuned to us, we will keep updating as much as possible to record future development trends.

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