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In recent years, with the popularity of the Internet and the Internet, the smart terminal has gradually disappeared. As a typical representative of the scene Internet, large screen Internet has ushered in the high-speed development. The expansion of Ott large screen TV in fitness, education, games, e-commerce and other fields has enriched users’ living room life, and gradually transformed from a single video service carrier to a diversified service tool.

In 2019, China will officially enter the 5g business era, the technology catalytic scenario Internet will be accelerated to land, the Ott large screen will gradually transition to the pan intelligent screen, and the intelligent screen ecological 1.0 era is coming.

Ott (over the top) broadly refers to Internet companies providing various application services to users through the Internet. Typical Ott services include Internet TV business, Apple App store, etc. In a narrow sense, Ott refers to Internet companies that provide users with video, games, shopping and other services on the public Internet based on Internet TV or “TV + box”. Its important carrier is Ott large screen TV (also known as Ott large screen or Internet TV).

Ott industry ecology forms a closed loop, and downstream enterprises are worthy of attention

At present, there are only seven manufacturers holding Internet TV integrated service licenses, and the license has become a scarce resource. Based on this, we should give full play to our own advantages and build Ott industry ecology with Ott large screen as the carrier.

The upstream of Ott industry ecology is content provider, and the downstream is Ott large screen service provider. In recent years, Ott large screen service providers have been actively developing video, education, fitness, games and other large screen cooperation businesses to continuously improve the market capacity of the overall terminal.

Cross industry ecological management will become an important trend in the development of Ott large screen service industry

In order to improve the use time of users, hardware manufacturers of terminal equipment optimize the system, expand the content ecology, and adapt to the needs of users in different scenarios through the expansion of service boundary, so as to seek incremental development space.

At present, the division of labor between the upstream and downstream enterprises of Ott industry ecology is relatively clear, but in order to meet the multi-level needs of consumers, “hardware + software + content + service” will become the main battlefield of Ott large screen service enterprises in the future.

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