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The following is the China’s “smart plus” social development index in 2020 From China Internet Association & Communication Institute recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Life data, research report.

The report tracks the intelligent development of the whole country and provinces and cities in an annual rolling way. The results of data analysis show that China is in the initial stage of “intelligent +” society as a whole. With the new generation of information technology system as the core driving force, more digital, networked, intelligent new applications, new models and new experiences are comprehensively combined with economy and society. However, there are still some stage characteristics such as unbalanced regional development and inadequate group coverage. Especially under the influence of objective factors such as the increasingly complex international environment, the far-reaching influence of COVID-19, and the technological innovation entering a critical stage, our society will remain in the long-term coexistence of digitalization, networking and intellectualization in the coming three years.

The report consists of four parts: “smart +” production and supply, “smart +” living consumption, “smart +” public governance, “smart +” digital infrastructure.

In the aspect of production and supply, the integration of information technology and real economy is accelerated, and the flexibility of production and supply is enhanced. Science and technology system innovation continued to increase, to ensure the resumption of production. Online and offline integration has been accelerated, and new formats and models have emerged in large numbers.

In terms of living consumption, intelligent applications activate a broader domestic demand market, and living consumption is fully online. The provision of inclusive and equal services for the benefit of the people has continuously improved people’s well-being. Personalized, warm and belonging information services for the benefit of the people have further sunk to the grass-roots level, and a new pattern of digital life has been accelerated to form, in which everyone enjoys, participates and excels.

In terms of social governance, smart government has accelerated “one network to run” and “inter provincial to run”. Smart brain helps “one network unified management” and “collaborative management”, accelerates the integration of digital twin technologies, and explores new ways of social governance.

In terms of digital infrastructure, the information and communication network fully releases social demand and helps build an online society. Intelligent convergence facilities accelerate the transformation of industrial intelligence, and the deployment of application facilities has become the commanding point of high-quality development.

According to the report, the epidemic situation accelerates the digital transformation, and the driving force of “intelligent +” for industrial development is significantly enhanced. In terms of production, the epidemic has promoted the continuous upgrading of industrial digitization and further accelerated intelligent manufacturing. Industrial enterprises, especially the leading enterprises in the industry, continue to make efforts in intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet, accelerate the replacement of equipment cores, production lines and machines, and steadily improve the intelligent manufacturing capacity of traditional industrial provinces. Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic hitherto unknown in the consumer sector has accelerated the whole consumer service model to the Internet. Unprecedented convergence of online activities has been seen in all kinds of social activities. The service market of home furnishing, online retail and intelligent travel has been booming, providing more convenient life services for social consumers, and also for the development of “intelligent +” society. It provides a broader development scenario.

The report suggests that to build and share the “smart +” society, we need to continue to promote from the following four aspects: first, to create a more open “smart +” social innovation space and expand a broader domestic demand market; second, to innovate a more inclusive and flexible market regulatory environment to stimulate deep innovation vitality; third, to deepen the coordinated development of urban and rural regional integration and ensure the sharing of digital development by the whole people Fourth, we should improve the socialized digital skills service system to ensure that all people enjoy digital dividends.

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