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The list of “China’s top 50 high tech growth 2020” and “China’s tomorrow’s stars” were unveiled in Deloitte’s Beijing Office in the presence of dozens of media. At the same time, the report “2020 China’s top 50 high tech growth and tomorrow’s star” will be released. This report is jointly compiled by Deloitte and Tsinghua University Global Private Equity Research Institute. Based on the questionnaire survey of CEO candidates, this report analyzes the development law, opportunities and challenges faced by technology enterprises, and gives suggestions on how to keep growing in the changing situation.

Shi Nengzi, Deloitte’s partner in charge of Chinese government affairs and partner in charge of North China region, and Zhao Jindong, leading partner of Deloitte China’s high growth project, attended the conference and delivered speeches; Chen Jun, CEO of youtejie, Huang Jian, President and CFO of smart technology, and Luo Xiaobin, senior vice president and chief medical officer of miaoyijia, delivered their award-winning speeches as representatives of the award-winning enterprises.

This project, which has been held for 15 years and has been continuously developing in China, has been held for 15 years.

Shi Neng, Deloitte’s partner in charge of Chinese government affairs and partner in charge of North China District, said: “scientific and technological innovation has always been an important engine to promote social development. Recently, the communique of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee also raised innovation to a new height. It is clear that we should promote innovation through independent science and technology and the construction of a powerful science and technology country to form a domestic and international double cycle We are inspired and inspired by the new development pattern of mutual promotion. As a pioneer in the field of professional services, Deloitte started its practice as early as 175 years ago, and has been committed to supporting and driving the development of digital economy by constantly exploring innovative service models. After the announcement of the list, while congratulating and commending the enterprises on the list, we are also aware of the mission on our shoulders. We will strive to develop diversified professional capabilities based on business, help these scientific and technological innovation enterprises to meet the challenges and make a louder Chinese voice on the world stage. “

At the beginning of 2020, a large number of enterprises’ operation and development have been severely damaged, even faced with the test of life and death. The questionnaire survey and interview of senior executives of high-tech enterprises selected by the top 50 this time is to deeply understand the development direction and specific practice of leading enterprises from four aspects: the post epidemic growth strategy, the digital transformation of enterprises, the financial strategic planning and the challenges faced by enterprise management. According to the report, 92% of the enterprises expect their revenue to increase in 2020, of which 42% are expected to increase by more than 100%, and 34% of the national sample enterprises believe that the epidemic has no significant impact on cash flow. The reasons for these enterprises’ growth against the trend can be summarized as follows: reasonable guarantee of cash flow, mastery of key core technologies and effective implementation strategy. Among them, talent construction and digital transformation are the two key points to provide enterprises with endogenous energy and growth potential. At the same time, this year’s epidemic situation and the impact of complex changes in the international situation make enterprises across the country realize that it is urgent to improve the ability to resist risks. When it comes to corporate governance in China, 64% of the total corporate governance factors should be included in the overall corporate management sample. In addition, enterprises also value the company’s digital infrastructure risk monitoring capabilities and intelligent risk management.

Zhao Jindong, the leading partner of Deloitte’s high-tech high growth project, said: “China attaches great importance to the key role of scientific and technological innovation in the transformation of development mode and the formation of new development pattern, and pays attention to the cooperation between the government and the market. There are top-level design from top to bottom and spontaneous initiative from bottom to top. From the award-winning enterprises of China’s top 50 and China’s tomorrow star, we can see more and more innovation fields, not only in science and technology, but also in management, concept and business model. It is believed that through the support policies of local governments and the support of professional institutions, more and more excellent enterprises from all walks of life will emerge, creating more employment opportunities and creating well-being for the society while developing themselves. “

At the press conference of the list, Zhao Jindong said: “the Deloitte high-tech high growth evaluation project, which has been held for 16 years in a row, has once again witnessed the innovation ability and great potential of China’s high-tech enterprises. Especially in this year’s challenging background, we are glad to see that high-tech high-growth enterprises have played an important role in fighting the epidemic, protecting the people’s livelihood and supporting the economy, and driving various industries to” go against the trend ” ā€¯Development, which is very consistent with the theme of this event: “tenacity, change and rejuvenation”. The award-winning enterprises generally have a strong endogenous power, and are able to break out of the current situation in a challenging environment, and have made brilliant achievements, which is really gratifying. “

The top three enterprises of China’s top 50 in this year are: telian Technology Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Qingke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen gouai Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. According to the report, the three-year revenue growth rate of China’s top 50 enterprises has slowed down, but the median remains at a high level of 1347%. Judging from the regional distribution of the award-winning enterprises, Shenzhen has sprung up, with an increase of 14% and Guangzhou’s growth of 12%. Beijing still has the largest number of top 50 enterprises. The market and talent reserve of first tier cities guarantee the rapid development of enterprises. The top 50 enterprises begin to gather in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, accounting for 92% of the total. In terms of industry distribution, the Internet accounted for 38%, and software, intelligent manufacturing and life science ranked second, third and fourth, accounting for 20%, 12% and 8% respectively. From the perspective of secondary industries, the distribution is more uniform, with intelligent manufacturing, platform services and e-commerce accounting for the largest proportion, all reaching 12%. Pan AI technology, health care and internet education accounted for 10%, 10% and 8% respectively. “China’s top 50” winning enterprises will automatically become the candidates of Deloitte’s Asia Pacific 500 and participate in the competition.

The 50 enterprises awarded “China’s tomorrow star” are mainly distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Beijing’s good entrepreneurial environment and rich talent reserve promote the continuous emergence of tomorrow’s stars, accounting for half of the country. In addition, compared with 2019, there are more rising star enterprises in the new first tier cities. The competition among cities is intensifying. The industry distribution of tomorrow’s star enterprises is relatively average. The software industry accounted for the highest proportion, accounting for 30%, followed by life science, Internet, intelligent manufacturing and hardware.

Shi Neng added: “resilience and resilience are indispensable qualities for sustainable development of enterprises in the face of economic and social uncertainty in the world. Deloitte’s professional service team will work with the government to actively provide high-quality and international development solutions and high-quality professional services for the listed enterprises based on the regional characteristics. Through value-added services such as “Symposium”, “executive workshop” and “financial and tax health examination”, Deloitte’s professional service team will help award-winning enterprises grasp opportunities and development direction, optimize operation and management, and promote regional economy Sustainable development. “

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