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The world’s largest CIO survey includes more than 4200 it leaders from 83 countries and regions, including more than 100 leaders from China. The total technology expenditure of the surveyed enterprises exceeds 250 billion US dollars. In the report, a number of global enterprise technology leaders, including two IT leaders from leading institutions in China’s financial industry and retail industry, expressed their views on the concerns before and after the epidemic, digital opportunities, and how to deal with the epidemic.

According to the 2020 survey report, in order to ensure health and safety and work at home during the period of the cowid-19 epidemic, global enterprises increased technology spending by about 15 billion US dollars per week. This is the largest technology additional investment ever increased. With the coming of global epidemic crisis and the implementation of anti epidemic blockade measures, the expenditure of global IT leaders exceeded the annual budget increase in just three months. The survey found that leading digital companies are more likely than others to make additional technology investments due to the cowid-19 epidemic, which are focused on large-scale implementation of distributed cloud (42%) and SaaS (34%). The crisis highlights the growing differences between companies that promote business strategy through technology and those that do not.

“Most Chinese CIOs have increased their IT budgets in the past year and are expected to maintain this growth trend in the next 12 months,” said Liu Jiangang, managing partner, chief Innovation Officer and chief technology officer of KPMG’s China consulting business. They make data insight analysis, new technology development, it management and operation innovation, and cloud computing as key investment areas. In Hong Kong, cyber security, privacy protection and intelligent automation are also important investment areas for CIOs. “

The survey shows that 32% of the chief information officers interviewed in Chinese mainland indicated that their companies had been implementing or experimentation with enhanced / virtual reality (AR/VR) technology; in the area of block chaining / distributed account technology, this proportion rose to 34%; in marginal /IoT, the ratio was 45%; in AI / machine learning, the proportion was 56%; in distributed cloud computing, the ratio of the technology was increased to 56%. The proportion of technology is 57%; the proportion of SaaS market platform is 61%; and the proportion of intelligent automation is 67%. In addition to distributed cloud technology and SaaS market platform, mainland China is ahead of the global average in other areas.

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