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Classification report of mobile games in 2021 From Sensor Tower

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In 2020, the download volume of top leisure games will exceed 6 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 123%. The overall improvement of such games is also reflected in the increase of market share, with 31% of game downloads contributed by hypercalaual.

Simulation games have been successful in overseas markets such as Brazil, with the number of downloads ranking third in 2020. The penetration rate of simulation games is on the rise worldwide, with a year-on-year growth of 92% in 2020.

Japan and South Korea will see a substantial increase in RPG (role playing game) expenditure before the end of 2020, which indicates that RPG consumption will be strong in 2021.

Game intelligence

1. 2D cartoon is still the most popular art style in mobile games, mainly in arcade, lifestyle and puzzle games. In addition, the art style of super leisure has gained more attraction in 2020, accounting for 71% of the game downloads in 2020.

2. In the new game version, the isometric perspective game style is on the rise, accounting for 27% of the top game downloads in 2020. Although the new version seems to be moving away from the traditional perspective, it still accounts for 28% of downloads in 2020.

3. Super leisure, desktop and vehicle Games became the highest download themes for the second year in a row. The new art themed games have also achieved success in 2020, with 632 million downloads this year, showing the growth potential in 2021.

Game trends

1. Puzzle games are exploring new themes across types. As the first puzzle game with the theme of battle arena, “nobody survived”, has been downloaded 14 million times since it was released in August 2020.

2. Fashion, aesthetics and hairstyle games are one of the hottest growth themes in 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 109%.

3. In 2020, the pattern of fashion games is still evolving, with new games leading the growth and creating more opportunities for creative developers. Meanwhile, new fashion games are shifting from 2D cartoons to 3D vision.

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