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Clothing fashion short video content strategy insight From Great new generation

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A short video full of sincerity and frequent highlights can successfully move consumers. The excellent short video content helps the brand and consumers change from “sales relationship” to “emotional relationship”. In 2020, the clothing industry will expand rapidly in the field of Taobao short video, the clothing brand operation and consumers’ ideas will upgrade, and they will rush to buy short video one after another. It is the core selling point of clothing products to shape the aesthetic style and attract consumers with changeable styles, color collision and bright appearance. Short video carries audio-visual language and provides more possibilities for creating a desirable atmosphere. Short video will transform the marketing process into emotional communication with more temperature, stimulate consumers’ freshness and curiosity, so as to move consumers and form deep psychological resonance.

Ali mother, together with Taobao short video and tmall fashion, released m insight, the great new generation: insight into the content strategy of fashion short video, pointing out that the clothing industry regards generation Z as a high potential group in the field of short video, and provides guidance for the content strategy of fashion short video.

Paying attention to Z generation and forming deep psychological connection is not only an important embodiment of brand rejuvenation, but also the basis of cultivating loyal customers to accumulate long-term value. M insight found that the instant interaction value, guiding transformation value and long-term member value of Z generation people watching short videos were higher than other groups. First of all, generation Z is very active when watching short videos. The frequency of these main interactive behaviors is significantly higher than that of other groups in effective viewing, full viewing, like, comment, entering the store and clicking on avatars. Secondly, generation Z, as the indigenous people of mobile Internet, is more sensitive to audio-visual language, and short video is more efficient for young people to guide grass planting and transaction. In the long run, generation Z is more likely to become a member through short video precipitation, and the average number of transactions and amount brought by watching as a member is significantly higher than that of non members. It is a long-term asset worthy of attention for brands and businesses and releases long-term value.

Taobao short video has a natural shopping mind, so it is very important to select attractive products for short video. Only by understanding the fashion trend and clothing characteristics of Z generation can we clearly find the charm focus of clothing short video. M insight found that trend futures, trend explosive products, the same model of fashion week and the joint brand of e-games are the favorite characteristic commodities of generation Z, and the conversion rate of short videos focused on these commodities is higher.

There are three types of short videos of clothing: one is display based on matching strategy and fashion street shooting; the other is oral broadcast based on open box evaluation, fashion story and in-depth evaluation; and the other is plot based on situational theater, offline store exploration and comparative transformation. M insight explores the psychological mechanism behind the audience’s behavior, and forms a 5I model of short video communication: interest, information, interflow, internalization, and identification. The first three are basic, and the last two need only one excellent.

It can be summarized as five elements of “beauty, straightness, fame, strangeness and popularity”. Excellence in any of these aspects can improve the effective viewing rate and promote the retention of the audience. For example, we can use suspense to bring the climax to the front, or create cross dressing contrast, and hot topics such as “golden age lock wind”. Second, when the audience is used to high-density information bombing, the slow rhythm of low-frequency output will make the audience lose patience. Through the high-frequency dressing of the same theme, multiple matching strategies focusing on single products or multi-dimensional and multi sensory evaluation of single products, we can strive to output more information to make the attention dizzying. Third, in the construction of the public relations, the first person perspective can increase the audience’s sense of presence, and the friendly and infectious expression and warm communication can quickly shorten the psychological distance between the audience and the audience, or lead the audience’s attention in the way of mirror movement, scene combination and transition.

The bonus items of short video content are embodied in internalization and sense of identity, one of which can stand out. The essence of internalization is to help the audience understand the content of short videos and feel convinced. Let the audience have a sense of substitution, “willing to hear the details” and hope to follow; the selling point is simple and intuitive, with a certain visual impact, so that the audience can understand the difference in a second; also need to provide the audience with reasons for trust, reduce the threshold, such as the same clothes in all kinds of body deduction are good to see. In addition, short video content creation efforts to make the audience have a preference and identity, which is easier to affect the audience. By improving the quality of the atmosphere, setting “stalks” to increase entertainment, creating emotional topics to arouse the audience’s emotion, or transforming short videos into micro classrooms with knowledge to make the audience more fruitful and promote their attention to the account.

In particular, m.insight recommends seizing the golden three seconds in the structure of short video creation. The first three seconds of short video show Panorama, the first three seconds of oral short video call the theme, and the first three seconds of plot short video ask questions. In the theme part, the display class focuses on the theme for detailed close-up, the oral class focuses on the selling point for detailed discussion, and the plot class focuses on the problem-solving needs. In the end, the show class and the oral class summarize the selling points again, or refine the advantages and disadvantages and set the topic; in the end of the plot class, we should add reversal or surprise to the audience.

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