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Cloud native white paper of telecom industry From China Mobile

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Recently, China Mobile global partners conference was held in Guangzhou. At this conference, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Huawei and other industrial partners jointly released the “white paper on cloud Nativity in telecom industry”, which systematically combed the concept, current situation and demand of cloud Nativity in telecom industry, and proposed the reference target and route of evolution, which played an important guiding role in promoting the digital transformation of telecom industry.

Cloud computing is the foundation of 5g network. In order to develop business more conveniently and simplify network construction, the flexibility, agility and convenience of cloud computing and technology, as well as the digital transformation and upgrading led by cloud computing have been widely concerned by the telecom industry, and the evolution of the telecom industry to cloud computing has become a trend. At the same time, the evolution of telecom industry to cloud is facing a variety of technical and non-technical challenges, and its goal, technology and route are worth exploring.

From the perspective of the telecommunications industry, the white paper combs the concept, current situation and demand of cloud origin in the telecommunications industry, puts forward the reference objectives and routes for the evolution, further prospects the future development trend, and calls on operators, equipment providers and it manufacturers to discuss the direction of cloud origin evolution, which plays an important guiding role in the development of cloud origin technology in the telecommunications industry.

In the face of diversity, differentiation and growing network demand, telecom operators show a strong demand for efficient and scalable network management solutions. Especially with the mature implementation of 5g, 2b industry reference, slicing, edge computing and so on put forward higher requirements for business flexibility, platform efficiency and operational agility. From the perspective of telecom network, core network, edge nodes and corresponding operation and maintenance support system all have cloud native application requirements.

The original evolution of Telecom Industry Cloud aims to promote the original reconstruction of business cloud, support the flexible assembly of business and meet the needs of industry diversity; build intelligent network cloud platform to enable rapid innovation of telecom business; build operation and maintenance development tool chain to improve the efficiency of business development, delivery and operation; open the telecom industry ecosystem to promote the enhancement of network value.

The white paper points out that there are three stages in the evolution of cloud computing in integrated telecommunication network: virtualization, cloud and cloud native. Three major domestic telecom operators have carried out research and experiments on cloud native technology, and mainstream telecom equipment manufacturers have also actively promoted the implementation of network containerization to improve R & D efficiency and reduce R & D costs.

Huawei has introduced the concept of cloud origin into the CT field for a long time, and carried out full cloud reconstruction for 5g vnf, providing all core network functions with full cloud capability, realizing three-tier architecture and stateless design. At the same time, it introduced advanced technologies such as service architecture, micro service and container to realize elastic, robust, agile and safe full cloud core network.

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