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The epidemic has accelerated the digital transformation of enterprises, and various new technologies have become popular, from cloud services, mobile office collaboration tools to network security solutions. As technologies such as the Internet of things, 5g network and artificial intelligence continue to change in all walks of life, brands will get more opportunities to share technology-related stories with the media.

Focusing on key trends, major events and topics in the industry, the collection of science and technology media promotion materials in Asia Pacific region 2020 provides effective media promotion suggestions for public relations professionals to keep abreast of the times.

New smart phones, 5g and the Internet of things are still the focus of attention, half of the reporters and influential people said that they are most concerned about the hot topics related to the new smart phones, 5g and the Internet of things. Other respondents were more concerned about topics such as electric vehicles and the performance of technology companies. “Large scale technology and automobile exhibitions will pay more attention. I am very concerned about the cutting-edge technology of science and technology and the development trend of new energy vehicles. ” -Xiang Ou, deputy editor in chief of titanium media group, “has received great attention around 5g infrastructure and software application.” -Yu Hao, director of science and technology channel of content department and director of Evaluation Department of

Science and technology journalists predict that there will be a wave of science and technology related to the epidemic in 2021, and the vast majority of science and technology emerging next year will be related to the new normal of the epidemic. These technologies are designed to help people adapt to work from home and provide virus protection. “I think the epidemic will continue to affect the trend of science and technology in the next 12 months. People use global positioning system (GPS) and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) outdoors, and beacon technology and access point technology indoors. In this year’s fight against the epidemic, science and technology have played an important role. ” -Jae Yong Ryu, CEO of acrofan, Korea

Online activities need different forms, and there will be more and more online activities. Science and technology reporters admitted to the news agency that the biggest mistake made by the brand is to transplant the traditional offline press conference intact to the online. Online activities should be more concise, vivid and interactive. “Digital activities should be more concise. The stage’s aura and audience participation cannot be copied on the zoom screen. Traditional ppt usually contains only secondary information such as brand history and achievements. Direct form of activity is suggested: let the media enter the virtual conference room, communicate with the spokesperson or get news materials directly. ” -HWM Singapore and Edited by Zachary Chan

What science and technology journalists dislike most: E-mail bombing, phone calls and e-mails on the same issue. In addition to media recommendations, the information collection also lists behaviors that are enough to deter journalists from reporting. It is not a good way to get in touch with reporters without targeted and mass sending of promotional e-mails. It also disgusts reporters to repeatedly call and send e-mails around the same topic. Customized press releases with multimedia elements will enhance the chances of media coverage.

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