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GWI has released a new report “bits in life”. The main findings include:

1. The impact of the environment is coming

Efforts to restart the economy around the world have led to a resurgence of air pollutants, and skepticism about public transport has driven the use of cars.

We believe we will see more photos of disposable masks scattered on beaches and scenic spots next year.

This did not attract the attention of consumers. During the blockade period, optimism about the future environment increased by 28%, which is an amazing and unprecedented increase for the attitude data points in the study. In the third quarter, however, the figure fell by 12%.

2. Cities are not dying, but they are changing

The continued attention to the environment will lead to another trend, the remodeling of cities.

Throughout the pandemic, we often heard that cities around the world were preparing for a massive Exodus.

Whether it’s for personal safety or to find more work space at home, people expect that urban residents will pack up and leave.

This is not going to happen. First of all, cities are still quite attractive. When asked about the ideal place to live, the vast majority of urban residents choose to continue to live in the city.

3. 2021 could be a year of flexible work, not just remote work

Many things in 2020 will be remembered. First, it led to the world’s largest home work experiment.

Before novel coronavirus pneumonia, many studies have identified the benefits of long distance work.

Those who have remote work permits score their companies higher on a number of factors. However, teleworking also has disadvantages, such as productivity and collaboration. So this doesn’t always apply to every industry, but in the vast majority of cases, the gains outweigh the losses when working from home.

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