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Consumer Insights report for the first quarter of 2021 From Harris Poll

The following is the Consumer Insights report for the first quarter of 2021 From Harris Poll recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, network marketing.

Harris poll released a new report, “consumer insights for the first quarter of 2021.”. Outdoor advertising (ooh) is a form of media that consumers pay attention to and respond to. In fact, the OAAA survey found that 24% of American adults found new brands through ooh.

Ooh helps more than just discover new brands. Some of the 1000 ordinary Americans surveyed reported that in the past year, ooh advertising had informed them of new businesses in their area (27%), influenced their decisions to buy new products or services (20%), and helped them find stores or services on the road (20%).

Outdoor advertising can help improve a brand’s popularity by 15%, and about 1 / 8 of the respondents are affected by political advertising.

When it comes to remembering oohs, the majority of the public tend to remember advertisements for local restaurants (40%) and advertisements for TV programs or movies (37%). However, the recall rate of new brands and new products seems to be much lower, with only 3 / 10 respondents remembering such ooh.

In other words, few people remember ooh ads in local retail or convenience stores (28%), new businesses in the region (24%), or sports events and concerts (19%).

Of course, for ooh to be effective, consumers need to see them. Consumers seem most likely to notice ooh while driving. Eight out of 10 respondents noticed ooh while driving on highways (83%) or around towns (82%).

Novel coronavirus pneumonia accounted for 16% of the time, although COVID-19 reduced the driving time of many people, while about 41% of the respondents had at least some time to work at home. But a significant proportion of respondents (72%) plan to commute to work in the next few months.

The majority (63%) drive to work. Despite novel coronavirus pneumonia, the proportion of commuters has fallen (74%), which may be a part of the sharp decline in OOH income in 2020.

The good news for ooh advertisers is that while the proportion of people who plan to drive to and from work may not reach the pre pandemic level, about 67% of consumers plan to do so after the pandemic; only 28% of respondents plan to continue to work from home at least part of the time. Meanwhile, ooh investment is expected to grow by more than 14% year on year this year.

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