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Coping with sudden impact and considering future development From Toughness system

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Accenture has released its latest insight, resilience system – dealing with sudden shocks, taking into account future development. At the very moment of the outbreak, enterprise managers are faced with the arduous challenge of ensuring the stability of key business operations and basic systems.

As the global epidemic continues to spread, the system resilience of enterprises is undergoing unprecedented tests

When the epidemic broke out, more than half of China’s population lived at home, and a large number of daily necessities were delivered by e-commerce, which became a “big test” for Internet enterprises.

As consumers flocked to supermarkets to store goods and the demand for express delivery soared, retailers such as Wal Mart, Albertson, Tesco, Woolworth and Amazon took the exam urgently, and the supply chain system and personnel recruitment system continued to be tight.

British Telecom Operator Vodafone said COVID-19’s crisis caused its network data traffic to surge and demand in some markets rose even to 50%.

On the one hand, local enterprises support employees’ telecommuting, on the other hand, they turn their focus to online channels, relying on the digital ecosystem to achieve customer reach and sales.

New environment, new operation

Under the impact of novel coronavirus pneumonia, enterprises have to adjust their original business strategy and turn to optimize operation capability to adapt to the new reality. According to our research, most companies differ greatly in system resilience. Leading companies that respond to current challenges in a timely manner and act quickly will survive the crisis and become stronger:

Business continuity risk: supply chain disruption, user contact transfer, unavailability of key resources, gaps in business continuity agreements.

Surge or decline in trading volume: due to the purchase from the physical channel to the digital channel and other reasons, the trading volume suddenly rises or drops sharply.

Security risk: guard against illegal personnel who are waiting for opportunities to seek personal and organizational interests.

Supervision, reporting and decision making: in the fast changing environment, in order to respond to business needs in a timely and immediate manner, enterprises need to use real-time data to make decisions quickly.

Employee efficiency: eliminate the barriers to telecommuting related to interoperability and security.

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