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Covid-19 related travel restrictions From Overview of global tourism

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The World Tourism Organization (WTO) has released a new report “global tourism Overview – travel restrictions related to covid-19”. As of February 1, 2021, 32% of the world’s destinations have completely closed international tourism, 34% of them have partially closed, and 2% of them have removed all travel restrictions related to covid-19.

The following covid-19 travel restrictions related to international tourism are being implemented in 217 destinations around the world:

Close the boundary completely:

The borders of 69 destinations are completely closed.

The borders of 38 destinations are closed for at least 40 weeks.

Partially closed boundary:

73 destinations partially closed the border.

Covid-19 testing and isolation:

70 destinations require negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or antigen detection on arrival, which is usually combined with quarantine.

In addition, 70 destinations require the second or third detection, and 140 destinations require PCR or antigen detection.

Removal of all travel restrictions associated with cowid-19:

Five destinations removed all covid-19 related restrictions (2%).

From a regional point of view, of the 69 destinations that apply to the complete closure of the border:

Thirty destinations are in Asia and the Pacific (65% of all destinations in Asia).

There are 15 (28%) in Europe.

Eleven were in Africa (21%).

There are 10 (20%) in America.

There are three (23%) in the Middle East.

Of the 38 destinations that were completely closed for at least 40 weeks, 15 were small island developing States, 9 were least developed countries and 5 were land locked developing countries.

From a regional perspective, of the 38 destinations that completely closed the border within at least 40 weeks:

-There are 22 in Asia and the Pacific.

-Seven came from the Americas (14% of all destinations in the Americas).

-There are five (9%) in Africa.

-There are three (8%) in Europe.

From a regional perspective, of the 73 destinations that partially closed the border:

-There are 29 (53%) in Europe.

-There are 21 (39%) in Africa.

-Ten are from Asia and the Pacific.

-There are six (12%) in America.

-There are seven (54%) in the Middle East.

Many governments advise their citizens to avoid unnecessary travel abroad.

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