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Covid’s impact on advertising pricing From IAB.

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According to the latest report of IAB, the advertising rate of two-thirds of advertising sellers has declined since the new coronavirus isolation measures, including publishers, platforms and advertising program buyers. Those who sell ads directly are more affected by the decrease of advertising rates than those who buy ads in a programmed way. The cost of advertising per thousand people was hit hardest by the price reduction. Advertising on connected devices shows the greatest price elasticity.

The main findings are as follows

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, 62% of advertising sellers have seen a drop in advertising rates.

63% of the publishers saw a decrease in the cost per thousand displays, and 57% of the program buyers saw a decrease in CPM. The former was 14% higher than the latter.

8% of the advertising program to buy the seller’s 1000 times show cost has increased.

Compared with the advertising program purchase, publishers bear more pressure.

When asked to provide Buyer justification for lower per thousand display costs, publishers are more likely to provide multiple reasons than procedural advertising purchases.

Publishers are using pricing leverage to maintain business and remain competitive.

The main reasons for publishers to reduce the cost per thousand displays include maintaining competitiveness (51%), ensuring revenue (51%), offering discounts to specific advertisers (48%), and preventing interruption or cancellation of advertising activities (30%).

Overall, in 2020, the cost of online advertising thousand times show has dropped by 16%. The most flexible advertising rates are podcasting, video and search. The worst elasticity is open network display advertising.

The most price resilient device is the Internet connected TV device; the least resilient device is the desktop.

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