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CP circle marketing report in 2021 From Praise Yi & Yi en

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Circle economy has become a topic of concern for more and more brand owners or marketers. Circle economy is vertically divided and socialized, and its commercial value is highlighted. After decoding the fans’ circle, the internal stratification of fans’ circle is gradually clear. With the increasing diversity of CP culture content and the weakening of CP culture boundary, CP culture has changed from minority entertainment culture to pan culture communication with economic benefits, and its circle scope has gradually expanded, radiating the diversity of people.

From the single cluster expansion to official promotion, to the generation of integrated IP, the brand gathers more high-quality UGC content transformation through CP circle marketing, so as to shorten the distance with the new generation of consumers and increase the market vitality of the brand.

The expansion of CP circle also provides new reference and wider integration for brand marketing, and creates greater economic benefits and commercial value for brand.

With the exploration of brand marketing methods in CP circle, a variety of CP combination forms have been formed. In this report, we sort out the historical evolution of CP circle, analyze the circle characteristics, and systematically summarize the brand vertical circle marketing methodology based on Zanyi’s many years of brand marketing practice experience and Yien’s solid industry observation, so as to continue to empower the brand, increase the business value of circle marketing, and effectively communicate with the new generation of circle consumers.

1、 Historical evolution and characteristic analysis of CP circle

CP circle is closely related to mass entertainment, and driven by the rapid development of social media platform, the popularity of CP culture has changed from the initial appearance of CP circle cultivation and the promotion of sound value of vertical and fine cultivation of CP circle to the promotion of brand industry value and the popularization of CP circle consciousness.

In addition to the cultural characteristics of fans, the gathering place and structure differentiation of CP circle have also become obvious features. The report also analyzes the marketing points of CP circle and the solutions for brands to deal with minefields in marketing.

2、 “Fit” between brand and CP circle

In order to measure the matching degree between brand and CP circle marketing, it is necessary to understand the portrait of target users and deeply analyze the behavior of fans. At the same time, we should understand the content of marketing cooperation and the corresponding CP culture. Otherwise, the deliberate business of CP, focusing only on form but not content, and marketing without understanding CP culture will easily arouse the disgust of the circle audience and run counter to the original intention of the brand. Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate CP marketing mode.

Circle level commercial marketing communication is almost concentrated on the online, mostly social content to the media. With the change of marketing market structure, the circle audience has a higher acceptance of CP marketing behavior in the form of live broadcast.

3、 CP circle marketing methodology

At present, the marketing models of brand CP in the market mainly include: brand and brand group CP, brand and its own spokesperson group CP, brand and IP group CP, brand borrowing popular CP, and brand’s own product internal group CP.

In this part, based on the evaluation of the brand’s fitness with CP circle marketing, the corresponding CP marketing mode is selected according to the brand tone and characteristics, and the CP circle marketing strategy suitable for the brand is formed.

“Brand + brand”

From Burger King × McDonald’s “touch porcelain” marketing play, to the six gods × Under the influence of “1 + 1 > 2”, Rio’s co creation traffic marketing method, brand and strong brand combination, not only harvests the user’s mind and consumption, but also lays the foundation for the “IP” of the brand.

“Brand + X, X is the spokesperson of the brand, or mature IP”

The combination form of the brand and its star spokesperson, in addition to more cautious in the selection of spokesperson, also need the strong operation ability of the content, multi-channel and form of exposure, form the consciousness binding of fans, focus on market traffic. As a FMCG product, Nongfu mountain spring is combined with the Palace Museum IP to endow the physical product with content and cultural attributes, forming a mode of cultural and commercial integration.

“Brand + popular IP”

In the choice of popular CP, the method and strategy are more important. Through the analysis of the actual combat cases of Zanyi, it is concluded that in the selection of CP, we should pay attention to the tone fit, not deviate from the original attributes of CP, find the right CP, accurately control the content form, find the fans’ preferences, and find the right communication platform.

“Self organized CP in brand”

Nails and Alipay’s products, which are part of Ali’s products, are composed of original CP songs such as nail awakening song, waking up song, hello blue, and you are really good looking at blue. They form a combination of “nail pegs”, and enter the CP circle vigorously.

In the circle marketing of brand CP, the principle of “three no’s and three musts” should be made clear according to the selected target areas, that is, the official does not come down, the core does not waver, and the price cannot be expensive; The content should be exquisite, the coffee position should be matched, and the products should be in place. No matter as a brand or a marketing party, before marketing with CP circle as the goal, it is necessary to predict the results and give corresponding solutions in advance.

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