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Customer experience insight report 2021 From Broadridge.

The following is the Customer experience insight report 2021 From Broadridge. recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Consumer research, research report.

Broadridge released customer experience insight 2021. Since the beginning of the new crown pandemic, more and more consumers have been using the mobile applications of companies with which they do business. The study found that millennials (67%) and Generation X (57%) are more likely to do so, but some baby boomers (32%) are also increasingly inclined to use mobile apps for business.

The increased use of mobile phones and mobile apps during the pandemic also explains the increased interest in companies using QR codes. The survey found that in 2019, millennials, X-generation and baby boomers are less interested in companies that use QR codes, accounting for 31%, 28% and 14% respectively. But now the index has increased to 68%, 55% and 32% respectively, and the interest in two-dimensional code in all age groups has increased significantly.

Consumer interest in QR code is not the only change during the pandemic. More than half of the respondents (56%) believe that the new crown pandemic has fundamentally changed the way they communicate and interact with the brand. About 87 percent of millennials, 58 percent of Generation X and 73 percent of baby boomers say they have had digital interaction in a new way for the first time since the hubris epidemic began.

At the same time, interest in short, personalized information videos has increased, helping consumers understand the company. Millennials (up from 70% in 2020 to 77%) and Gen X (up from 60% to 79%) are particularly interested in this kind of video.

But with these new ways of interacting with companies, expectations are even higher. Six out of 10 consumers (59%) believe that most companies need to improve their customer experience (35% in 2019). Moreover, four out of 10 respondents (43%) said they had stopped contacting a company because of its poor personalized experience (up from 25% in 2019).

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