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Decoding new energy and exploring new increment

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In the special period of the epidemic in 2020, people will have more time to stay at home and start to re-examine the relationship between health and family life. Daily chemical industry is also in the impact of the epidemic, constantly looking for new vitality.

Juliangsuan released the annual report of 2021 juliangsuan daily chemical industry to unlock the new momentum of industry growth and explore new opportunities for category growth from the perspectives of industry status, content trend and user insight.


Industry profile

The online channel leads the way quickly,

Daily chemical products show differentiated development

Affected by the epidemic, China’s FMCG online channels continued to make efforts, and the scale of online transactions continued to improve. In the second half of the year, market rationality returned, online growth slowed down, and the trend of offline channels was still unclear. Focusing on daily chemical products, the differentiated development of these products is very obvious. With the trend of bath, hair care and detergent, the online and offline Omni channel products have achieved significant growth, while shampoo and toothpaste are more driven by the online market. The omni channel growth of clothing cleaning and paper products will be weak in 2020.

The scale of the industry continues to expand,

Growth slowed down under the influence of epidemic situation

China’s daily chemical industry will reach 250 billion in 2020, with a growth rate of less than 5% for the first time in nearly five years, but it still maintains a positive growth, which is mainly driven by five factors: online channels, young generation and silver haired people, product innovation, live e-commerce and consumption upgrading. Mature categories such as clothing cleaning accounted for the largest proportion, but the growth was weak. Oral care from the expansion period into the adjustment period, growth slowed down. Driven by the enhancement of residents’ health awareness, the category growth rate of body care and family cleaning has picked up.

The head effect is significant,

The competition has become white hot

As a mature industry, daily chemical industry has a significant head effect. In the field of home cleaning represented by kitchen cleaning and clothing cleaning, the head brand concentration is high, and the overall trend is stable. Personal care, represented by body care and hair care, presents a smiling curve. It has entered a period of rapid development since 2015-2018, and the head effect has continued to expand in the past two years. In the relatively small-scale field of sanitary cleaning and oral care, with the continuous addition of new brands, the brand concentration is declining.


Tiktok daily ecology

Tiktok daily content ecology continues to flourish.

Become the interactive position of grass planting in the life of the whole people

In the shaking platform, a large number of works with life, realism and strong grass have promoted the content ecology of tiktok. In 2020, the daily average content of daily content was over 800 million, and the daily interaction volume exceeded 15 million.

Creators, talents and enterprise numbers continue to be active,

Build a prosperous content ecology

High quality content is inseparable from the creators of platform content. Master, brand and business tiktok are three important content creators of the platform. In December 2020, the daily number of chattering platforms tiktok exceeded 10 million, and the number of enterprises entering the daily chemical industry was 70 thousand. Daren, as an influential high-quality content disseminator, contributed 2 times more than the same period last year, and continued to influence users in a way close to people and life.

The search awareness of users is enhanced,

Mid year and big promotion season is the peak of search

The continuous penetration of high-quality content in multiple life scenarios also deeply affects users’ purchase decisions. In 2020, the active awareness of users in search of daily content was increased, and the search growth rate exceeded 115%. In 5, July, November and other years, the tiktok peak was the peak of search.


Insight into the trend of daily chemical content

Content supply

Tiktok ecology daily content supply is adequate.

Sound burst in all categories

From tiktok’s ecology, from the perspective of content sound, the highest amount of hair care is concerned, and the attention of family cleaning and female care has been significantly improved. The growth of playback volume has increased by more than 150% over the same period. From the perspective of content supply, the publishing volume of all major categories has doubled, especially for family cleaning. The video publishing volume in 2020 is five times that in 19 years, but the video volume has not yet reached the corresponding attention, and the quality of content still needs to be improved.

Jiaqing personal care counter attack growth,

Overall pressure of clothing cleaning

Affected by the epidemic in 2020, people will pay more attention to home life. The heat of hair care was the highest, and the share increased significantly in the second half of the year.

The reason may be that under the pressure of contemporary people’s life, the problem of preventing hair falling off and white hair is prominent, which promotes the attention of hair care related content. Clothing cleaning ranked second, with a decrease in share compared with 219, and increased competition pressure. The share of household cleaning content increased, and high attention was paid during the epidemic period and recovery period in the first half of the year.

In 2020, through in-depth analysis of hot content, we believe that brand owners can seize the following opportunities:

1. Seize category opportunities

·Pay attention to young people’s low-level mentality of high convenience and identity, and the single product with multiple effects and outstanding taste can make a breakthrough

·Keep up with consumers’ attention on disinfection, health and other hot spots, and further extend the relevant categories

·Focus on the segmentation demand under the special scene, baby care, underwear, down jacket care and other special products for specific scenes still belong to the blue ocean market, and the demand growth rate is significant. In the future, we can focus on the specific demand groups and do more segmentation in the field

2. Create concept opportunities

In 2020, innovative concept products with internet red constitution will be popular all over the Internet. They are usually characterized by novel creativity, extraordinary effect and new experience, and are superimposed on the existing functions of products. For example, bathing products on the basis of traditional cleaning ability superimposed “perfume level” fragrance experience, causing widespread concern.


Hair care needs the most,

Lack of motivation for household cleaning needs

User search behavior is an important manifestation of real demand. In 2020, the search volume of hair care ranked first, with a year-on-year growth rate of 131%. Clothing cleaning, oral care and body care also have great potential, and the search heat doubled. However, home cleaning is relatively insufficient in users’ active search intention, and the growth rate is less than 50%. We should further strengthen the quality of content and market education.

Household cleaning needs are cyclical,

Convenience and word of mouth are the core concerns

In terms of clothing cleaning and home cleaning, the user demand shows obvious periodicity, the search heat is high in summer, and the supply of content is in short supply. Therefore, the supply of related content should be increased. The focus of user search is also focused on convenient innovative products and good word-of-mouth products.

The demand of personal care is greatly affected by the content supply,

Efficacy, quality and evaluation are the focus

In terms of personal care, there is a positive relationship between content supply and search intention. High quality content can effectively stimulate users’ willingness to grow grass and purchase. Because personal care emphasizes efficacy and quality, and relies on word-of-mouth and user experience, users have higher requirements for talent evaluation, efficacy and quality.

live broadcast

Live broadcasting has entered a period of rapid development,

Enterprises and talents build a new shopping channel

In 2020, tiktok was launched in the live mode, whether it was daily chemical enterprises or daily chemical master, and they were embracing new models and opening new channels for live shopping. As of December 2020, the number of watching the daily chemical enterprise is 7 times that of January, and the number of watching the Daren studio is 5 times that of January. Live broadcasting has gradually become a normal mode for businesses and talents to leverage business opportunities.

In the first half of the year, it promoted daily necessities,

Drive fine care products in the second half of the year

In the first half of 2020, affected by the epidemic situation, daily necessities such as home cleaning and hair care will become more and more popular. In the second half of the year, compensatory consumption blessing and personal consumption upgrading will drive the attention of fine nursing such as body care, oral care and women’s care.


Insight of daily chemical users

Large scale development of large number of daily chemical engine population,

Comprehensive penetration of all end products

In 2020, under the huge engine product system, the daily chemical industry has a large population, with more than 350 million interested users and nearly 150 million core active users. It still has great development potential in the future. Massive engine products are one of the most active and important platforms for daily chemical consumers.

Jiaqing people are more mature,

Individual nurses are younger

There are differences and commonalities in different categories of daily chemical industry. For example, there are no significant differences in the distribution of gender and city level. However, in terms of age, Jiaqing group is more mature, with a higher proportion of post-80s and Post-70s, while hair care group, body care group and oral care group are younger.

Women pay more attention to deep care needs,

Men still need basic cleaning first

Tiktok female users are concerned about deep care products such as hand cream, body milk, hair film and so on. Men are still in the stage of meeting the basic cleaning needs of teeth, hair and body. In the future, we can strengthen the market education of male users.

Different age groups have different preferences,

Young people prefer delicate care

Different age groups also have different preferences for daily chemical products, especially young people pay more attention to shampoo, mouthwash, body milk, hand cream and other delicate care products.


2020 is a year of remodeling and change. Facing many uncertainties and changes, the industry and consumers are also undergoing profound changes. In the face of the rapidly changing market, only by continuously driving category innovation, based on core advantages, and insight into the potential segmentation needs of consumers, can we take advantage of the situation and find opportunities in the changes.

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