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1、 Additional needs of developers during the new crown outbreak

Forty percent of the developers reported that they needed more flexible working hours and workload arrangements due to the new epidemic;

For developers, collaboration tools and platforms are the most important technical requirements;

Self employed developers and small business developers have less additional demand due to the new epidemic;

The larger the scale of the enterprises they serve, the more self-management and collaboration tools developers need, as well as mental health support;

2、 On the status quo of different language communities

JavaScript is the most popular programming language, covering a wide range, with 12.4 million developers around the world using it;

Python currently has 9 million users, with 2.2 million new developers added last year alone, surpassing Java in early 2020;

Kotlin is the fastest growing language community, and its scale has doubled since the end of 2017;

3、 Why developers adopt or reject cloud technology

When considering the adoption of a cloud technology, price and support / documentation are the key factors that dominate the decision-making process of developers; when rejecting, price is the most important reason for rejection;

There are many opportunities for suppliers to differentiate and position their choreographing tools in the market. Developers pay less attention to the price and more attention to the features that can contribute to development;

As long as cloud solutions can meet the minimum requirements, developers are no longer particularly concerned about feature sets or performance issues;

It is important for developers to have access to the community and get appropriate support;

4、 Who is Devops?

The vast majority of professional developers (more than 80%) participate in Devops more or less in some form;

Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI / CD) are the two most common Devops practices, but only 1 / 4 of the developers have achieved the automation of workflow in these two aspects;

Programmers are very willing to use CI / CD, but rarely use other operational practices, such as in production environment monitoring applications;

Software departments with a large number of experienced professionals are more willing to embrace Devops mode, with few exceptions;

5、 What do developers value most about open source projects?

Compared with participating in open source projects and making contributions, developers appreciate the cooperation and interaction with the open source community;

In almost all aspects, developers in Western Europe pay more attention to open source than those in other regions;

South Asian developers attach great importance to their contribution to open source projects, which makes the region likely to lead the next wave of open source development;

6、 Emerging technologies

AR / VR and other emerging technologies have not fully embraced OSS principles;

The change of participation and adoption is very small, which means Devops has reached maturity;

Fog computing / edge computing is becoming more and more attractive among practitioners, but the overall participation is still not high;

Machine vision is becoming more and more mature. With the increasing number of developers learning this topic, its adoption rate will also increase;

Some advanced technologies show fatigue effect in terms of participation, but the adoption rate among developers who continue to invest has increased.

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